One of my favorite things to do when out of town, is to EAT!:) The biggest passion I have in my life is to spread the Vegan message and get the truth out there. Going all plant based has been the greatest thing I’ve ever done. I have the energy of a 7 year old, and I feel good, and looking good is another bonus. Animals do not deserve to be slaughtered. They are raped, tortured, and murdered all so someone can eat it. Do you nutritionally need to eat meat? HELL NO! You can meet all of your nutritional needs through the vegan diet and supplements. The only issue I’ve had is with B12. You get the B12 shots from your doc and then you’re good to go. You can also supplement with liquids and capsules as well. The biggest misconception out there is that there is some kind of benefit of eating meat. THERE ISN’T. You’re eating the animals feelings before death, you’re eating antibiotics, and the gmo feed. People don’t die from protein deficiency. It’s just not going to happen. Plants have protein and so do vegetables. 🙂 For my non vegan friends I encourage you to watch Cowspiracy and the documentary Earthlings. You will then see what really happens to animals and why we’re vegan.


Being in Vegas for Thanksgiving I wanted to try a new Vegan spot. I wanted to recommend a place for my family and friends to experience out there. VegeNation was highly recommended on Yelp. We went in short on time and were treated very well upon walking in. We moved from outside to inside because it was too hot in the sun (so funny for that to be so in November). Our server was very sweet and kind. We looked at the amazing menu but nothing was really prompting a decision for us. I checked into Yelp and got a Free Sangria so that was awesome! (BONUS!) Our server mentioned the Chick’n and Waffles and we were sold. And let me just tell you.. WOW! We were not disappointed. The waffles were incredible and the Gardein breaded chicken breasts were amazing. The fact that they were cruelty-free made them even yummier. The potatoes were cooked to perfection as well. I can’t get enough of fries. I mean just take a look at these waffles:


AHHH-MAZING! The homemade ketchup was a perfect accompaniment as well. And that maple syrup.. can you say YUMM?! Wow this place gets 10/10 from me. Vicente also agrees with everything I’m saying. 🙂 The ambiance was perfect too. It was very green and very earthy.

Here’s some other photos from the restaurant:


You need to check this place out while in Vegas. This one is not one to miss. See you in my next post. XO,Ashley


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