Perfect Valentine’s Venue

Hi guys! I am so thankful for all of the kind words and messages you all have sent on my most recent post. It means a lot. I also feel good knowing I can be a little moe vulnerable and it’s okay. Life isn’t always perfect and I wanna be open with all of you!

And OMG, I also got a lot of questions on the location and for more information on Different Pointe of View. You guys, the place is amazing! The view is incredible and it’s a hidden gem.


I mean wow. With a view of all of Phoenix, it’s perfectly romantic. I would suggest this for couples looking for some drinks and appetizers. Maybe a first stop for the evening? Perfect of any date in my opinion. 🙂

Their drinks are reasonable as well compared to some other places around the valley. The address is: 1111 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020.


They open at 5:00 PM and they take reservations for the dinner side. I would recommend them if you are planning on going for dinner.


It is sure to please anyone really. Every person who walked in immediately wanted to take photos. That shows how amazing it is.

What are your Valentine’s plans?? ❤



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