HOLIDAY LOOKS: Blogmas Day 12

Hi there! Hope you’re having a great Tuesday. Oh my this week has been a rough one. I work in Insurance and this is our busiest time. It is crazyyyyy! Open enrollment is ending soon.. thank god. But for now, we suffer. It’s okay though. I’m still feeling so much gratitude to have a good job. Also, my iPhone 6 (from 2014) finally took it’s last fall today, for good. That’s okay though… I never got a new phone because I always thought when mine died, I’d get the newest one.. well it died. But it is turning out to be a blessing in disguise.  ❤

So, for today I am bringing you two holiday party looks from one of my favorite boutique’s… Francesca’s. This store is so adorable and has the daintiest things. It’s very southern in my opinion. Every thing they sell is classy and unique. I knew this would be a great and reasonable place to get some good looks.. It’s that time of year.. you have your office party and then your partner’s and family parties… it is SUCH a fun time, but also a stressful time. You’e trying to get everything done while still working and trying to accomplish your end of the year goals. The last thing you wanna worry about during the holidays is spending more money on outfits… I have your answer to solve everything..  YOGA... JK.. (that helps though) What I am trying to say, is I can help you save money on these events… I don’t like spending a lot of money on dresses I probably won’t wear more than a few times. This first dress looks INSANE on everyone. This wrap dress thoughs…
IMG_0777 (1)
So stunning! First of all the color is a gorgeous cranberry color… It is definitely perfect for an office setting party. You could throw a blazer on with it and you can wear it to work that day before any event. It’s also a great dress to wear to family functions as well. Love adding over the knee boots for some extra depth as well. You need this dress!  This dress in available in stores only.
I love adding over the knee boots and tights to dresses. It gives them a little bit of edge. These are my favorite vegan OTN boots from Calvin Klein. Also the tights I cannot rave about anymore than I already do can be bought HERE. This bib necklace is from J Crew but an older collection that I could not find. But any statement necklace would work wonders. 🙂
Ahem hem hem….
This next one.. OMG. I have this thing for red dresses. Something about a red dress really makes me feel put together! This dress is for those girls who want to stand out, but for all the right reasons. I love dresses with straps that are also off the shoulder.
This dress is a  guaranteed jaw dropper. When taking these photos I could tell this dress was one to please. This is also my husband’s favorite (man approved). You could definitely wear this to an office party as well if you throw on some tights under neath. This dress is just pure amazing. I am probably going to wear this one to my husband’s work party.
With the detailing at the bottom I had to show it off for this post. The shoes are a dream too. Not the most comfortable, but I always say, the more you drink at the Christmas party, the less you care about the heels (bringing back up flats is the best option too). It’s kind of like drinking yourself a sweater too. hehe. Any festive shoe will do.  Here’s some similar ones.
This dress also can only be found in stores as an exclusive at Francesca’s.
The bag is my favorite clutch right now from Chelsea28!!! I have been grabbing for it so much (under $50 and more colors).
The red lips are a HUGE must with this dress in my opinion. My favorite red is “Red Velvet” from Wet’N’Wild (cruelty free) and under $3.
Both of these dresses are under $50, but very high quality for the price! Which one’s your favorite? I’d love to know… Please comment below!
Hope this gave you guys some inspiration for your next party. ❤  Writing you more soon.

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