Day 5: “Go All Out” Gift Guide FOR HER! <3

Hi everyone! Hope your day was great… mine went well but was very long. Today I wanna talk about a “go all out for her” gift guide. What I mean by this is, this is for someone you love and you’re not afraid to spend on! These are for the ladies that have been really good to you this year! 😉

The Bennett Family Residence611 North Avenue Middleton, WisconsinDecember 23, 2015 at 7_00 PM-3.jpg

The first item is one on my Christmas list this year as well, and it is the Vitamin 5200. It is their starter blender, and I’ve been drooling over it for awhile. We have a Ninja that works well, but this baby cannot be compared. It has more 5 star reviews than any other blender online!



My next item is also my favorite item on the wish list, because I have it and I am obsessed. 🙂 The Angela Roi Cher Tote. I cannot rave enough abut this beauty! It gets more compliments than I can even count. It is sturdy, stunning, and worth the money. I cannot stress how much I love this vegan bag. It is HIGH quality. Like any other designer bag, minus the cruelty! Must buy in my opinion! I am asking for another color on my list. 🙂


Angela Roi Cher Tote- $240

This 3rd one is one you can never go wrong, a juicer! Juice is healthy and always a top priority in my life. We have one, but not a Breville. It’s sure to please! Any kitchen guru or fitness fanatic would go crazy over this thing! Stop spending so much and make your own at home.


Breville Juicer800 JEXL-274.95

The last and final is a definite statement and I love it! dun dun dun… The Stella Mccartney Logo Clutch. This is beautiful. I love my Stella, but it can be very big for an every day bag… This is perfect for errands and going out. It’s great when you don’t wanna carry a bigger bag around. I am in love and I am obsessed with everything Stella stands for! Made with faux leather, and a statement piece no doubt!


Stella Mccarntey- Stella Logo Clutch $380 

What do you think about these? Ugh! I am obsessed with all of them. I hope this gives you some inspiration for a leading lady in your life! 🙂

Wishing you an amazing hump day for tomorrow! ❤



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