5 Tips for Transitioning to a Vegan Lifestyle

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! It’s been a crazy week at home (JK). But on a serious note, I am feeling better and I have a want to write. I get a lot of questions about the vegan diet on the daily. The #1 question I get is, “How do I Transition to a Vegan lifestyle”? Here are my 5 tips for transitioning:


#1 Watch documentaries to really understand why going vegan is important. My favorite are: Earthlings, Vegucated, Blackfish, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Cowspiracy, Food Inc, Forks Over Knives, and What the Health. These documentaries will give you so much information and truly open your eyes. All of these documentaries show why going vegan is important for many different reasons.

#2 Create a support system. Follow vegans on instagram. Also, follow vegan boards on pinterest. Go on Youtube and look up Vegan: What I eat in a day Videos. My favorite Youtubers are MictheVgean, NikkiVegan, and BrettCap. When I first went vegan they all helped so much. My last tip is to find Facebook groups in your city for vegans. (You can always reach out to me too with any questions)!

#3 Start with the vegan staples. Non dairy milk, tofu, bananas, quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, nut butters, veggies, lentils, chickpeas, hummus, salsa, black beans, lettuce, carrots, rice cakes, any other meat substitutes, pasta, vegan pesto/red sauce, tortillas, bread, onions, potatoes (all), coconut aminos, tahini, vegan mayo, veggie burgers, and I could go on forever. All of these are my staples. 🙂

#4 With that, learn to read labels. Labels tell all. One of my favorite grocery stores is Trader Joe’s. They clearly write out all of their ingredients which is SO helpful. Follow @TraderJoesVegan on Instagram for reviews and options!! Reading labels will really help make a smooth transition.

#5 Don’t feel bad about a slower transition. Start with one vegan meal a day if you have to. It’s a journey. Not all people can go vegan overnight cold turkey (we did but we are kind of cray). It is a process and if someone tells you otherwise DO NOT LISTEN! 🙂 Go to vegan meet ups, festivals, and remember the reason you are going vegan!


Please let me know if you have any questions! Have a great rest of your week.



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Ashley is a vegan flight attendant sharing her personal style, lifestyle and adventures with all of you! For inquiries or collaborations please email seeknvegan@gmail.com

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