The perfect gift for HIM <3

We all have a “him”. Dad, brother, uncle, cousin, best friend, husband, or boyfriend. Whoever “him” is to you, deserves a new watch. Watches are a gift your guy can wear every day if he wants to. That is why watches make for a very special gift. Every time the watch is worn, love from you is given. I have started a tradition for my husband to buy him a watch for most holidays. He has a watch collection now, and he loves having that. As a girl we are spoiled with all kinds of fun accessories, guys have only a small fraction of accessories to stand out.
Vicente, my husband, is #vegan too. 🙂 So some of the watches I have gotten him over the years, he no longer wears out of respect for the animals. When I found out that JORD made wooden watches I was amazed. These beautifully made watches are nothing like I’ve seen. I have maybe seen one wooden watch EVER on anyone, so I knew this gift would be perfect and unique just like him. JORD is a brand I can really align with and respect. 🙂
It was really hard deciding on one, because they are just so special. I decided on the Hyde Ebony and Iron, which is a new style. My husband is a huge fan of neutral clothes, so I knew this watch would be perfect for him. I was so excited for this to come in the mail. It came quickly, and was packaged to perfection. Another huge bonus in my opinion is they take measurements ahead of time so you don’t need to go get links removed (anything that saves time, I LOVE). Luckily I guessed right for V.
The wooden box the watch came in was a gift of it’s own. It has a bottom row for storage as well which was an added bonus. It came with a cleaning cloth and a couple other little tools.
I am not good with surprises so I couldn’t wait to give it to him. A couple other reasons why I couldn’t wait is because I wanted to review it for all of YOU, and second because they are having a HUGE Black Friday Sale today.
Here is the link to receive either $50 or $100 off!
You will be emailed the code, and can use it until December 15th. I wouldn’t partner with a company I didn’t believe in, and this watch in value surpassed the cost.
Vicente loves this watch! He will be wearing it all of the time now he said. He loved the red logo and how much of a statement it makes. It can be worn casually and dressed up. He loved how rare wooden watches are too. If you want a unique gift for someone, this is for you!
#jord #jordwatch #jordhyde #woodwatch
I just know that the “him” in your life will love it! Hope you have an amazing long weekend!

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