First Impression – Angela Roi Cher Tote

Hi guys! Hope your weekend was great! I am so thankful to have had a really productive and relaxing weekend. We cleaned, organized, slept in, got some new decor, and enjoyed some good wine. What else could you ask for? Today on the other hand was the most Mondayest Monday ever at work…. But the highlight of the day was staring down at my new purse and realizing I get to share her with all of you today.

I am SO in love with this bag you guys! Here she is,  my new Angela Roi Cher Tote:


This beautiful baby is #VEGAN and has the look and quality of any high-end bag I’ve ever owned. The hardware is so eloquent. The bag is so SO stunning in person. This also just happens to be my favorite color for winter/fall. As soon as I saw this bag on instagram I knew I had to have it. I ordered it on Tuesday and got it Saturday. That’s pretty fast for a designer bag!


First of all, it’s professional and timeless. The look and feel are so luxurious and goes with any outfit. My favorite way to wear it has been with the strap. It’s truly so stunning over the shoulder.


The strap ends and sits right at my hips which is usually hard with me being 5’9.


I mean this bag is such a statement piece. I’ve only worn it out one day (Sunday) and already got compliments… (Check out that color and design!!)  She has gold ‘feet’ on the bottom as well which I love.


My first impression of this bag is 10/10. No drawbacks and no complaints. I will do a full review on this bag once I’ve worn it consistently. What I love most is how it matches everything too. Black, brown, grey.. whatever the color it just works. It has two side compartments and one zip up closure in the middle.

The link to this beautiful purse is HERE ❤.

I love the mission of the company as well. These bags were made and shipped from Broolyn, NY. Did I also mention, Angela Roi believes in animal rights and supports the vegan lifestyle? They give back proceeds to humane shelters. ❤

“Our mission is to help build a fashion industry which is kind and compassionate towards animals. For this initiative, we have pledged to donate to local humane shelters and help mistreated or injured animals in dire need of help.” -Angela Roi

Cows are skinned alive for leather handbags. It’s something  even I was in denial about for years. I had designer bags Tory’s, Louis, and Gucci, to name a few, and I am so upset I did looking back. I will never own another leather bag again. Please think about the cows this next time you are shopping for a new purse, buy conciously. Buy Angela Roi!

IMG_6716 (1)

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with gratitude and love!



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