finally feelin’ fall-ish

Hi guys! Thank you for coming to check out this fun #OOTD. 🙂 V & I went to Prescott this weekend to visit our best man, and V’s best friend, Zack and his wife and daughter.  We had so much fun! We enjoyed getting out of the craziness of Phoenix. We had an amazing  time catching up with them in their beautiful home.

On Friday we decided on a whim to just go for it. We were planning on going only one night but decided what the heck and went. We had a fun night tasting different liquor types from Zacks’s collection. 🙂 We also played the game What The Meme and if you haven’t played, you need it!!! (all of your holiday parties have to include this GAME)

The next day we went to brunch at The Raven and it was pretty yummy. They have Jackfruit Tacos, which is always a hit for us. We also had their sweet potato fries.. and YUM! I tried the blueberry spaceship cider and OMG heaven.

After that we stopped by Granite Mountain Brewery & Prescott Brewing Company for fun too. Granite Mountain was my favorite. They had a fun patio which we enjoyed. We played some games and enjoyed the weather. I had more of the blueberry spaceship cider and I’m now obsessed with it! I found it at Whole Foods already, and I’m so happy to have found a new favorite.




After the breweries we came home and got ready for our night. 🙂


This photo was taken in Zack & Cassie’s backyard. Amazing right?

This outfit was super unplanned. When we decided to leave on Friday we just through random stuff in our suitcases and went. This top & scarf are both from Zara. The jeans are the Topshop Moto Ripped Jamie’s (my favorite ripped ones). The vegan booties are from F21. 🙂

Of course my handsome doggy made it in the photo too. His name is Maximus if you didn’t know, and he is also vegan. ❤

We had so much fun on our night out. We had an early dinner at The Barley Hound. They have a yummy vegan burger and also some yummy fries. We also had an amazing cabernet called James and we loved it.

We tried Bin239 after and loved that as well. Our last stop was at The Point. So so fun. The next day we were able to go to a park and really enjoy the trees. Once again, this outfit was random but I really liked it.


My cropped sweater is hinge, the scarf is hinge, and these are my high waisted tall black Leigh Topshop jeans. I really liked how it came together, and how beautiful are the trees?

I hope you get a chance to get away this fall to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors!

Have a great rest of your week!



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Ashley is a vegan flight attendant sharing her personal style, lifestyle and adventures with all of you! For inquiries or collaborations please email

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