Travel Diary: Mar Adentro Los Cabos

Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well! Last night we got home from Cabo and I have to tell you I’m all over the place. After living somewhere else for a week, coming home can be quite confusing. HA! When we woke up this morning, I thought I was still on vacay. We had such an amazing time on our trip. I cannot wait to share more pictures and stories with you guys.

Today, I am highlighting my birthday at Hotel Mar Adentro. Last Thursday on my birthday, we woke up super early and headed out to Cabo! We were picked up by Cabo Transfers, (highly recommend as they had drinks waiting for us) and taken into San Jose Del Cabo. We arrived at Mar Adentro and were stunned right away of it’s beauty.  It is a piece of modern art and it not to be missed. Mar Adentro was designed by Architect Miguel Angel Aragones. Bright lights change at night, while in the day it’s all white and only water and sea to be seen.


This quote in the lobby really stood out to me. I am one to always get lost in quotes and writing so this wall definitely stole my heart.


This is taken from the sitting are you can wait in before checking in. The views speak for themselves. The water is tranquil and gives you a sense of calm right away. It welcomes you with it’s beauty and invites you to stay awhile. 🙂


Directly below on both sides, sits Origen, a restaurant that prides itself in having many different foods in one while still maintaining the Mexican cuisine.


The view from here is quite magical. Every seat in the restaurant is unique and desirable.


Both sides of the restaurant show stunning views of Nido, the stunning bodies of water on property, and the ocean. I mean can you say WOW?! It took my breathe away.


This pod is Nido. A stunning restaurant serving breakfast and lunch. We had the pleasure of dining for breakfast and they went out of their way to find vegan options for us.


Not only is this restaurant the most “instagramworthy” place I’ve ever been to, but they’ve got the food to back it up! All organic, and one of a kind.


We started with their organic green juice of the day and it was so refreshing!


Our first course was an apple and almond milk muesli. It normally comes with yogurt, but ours was made into more of a cereal and we really enjoyed it.


For the main course we had a black bean toast with pico de gallo.  OMG, so yummy! On the side they gave us some potatoes and a tomato sauce. This was HEAVEN.


Next we have to talk about the pool. The pool was also tricky to point out when checking in. There are so many amazing water baths we’ll call them, it was hard to find at first glance! 🙂 The pool is situated behind Nido. See it? 🙂


I would like to point out the humidity in Cabo is crazy right now (explains the cray cray pony). 🙂 There are many different chairs surrounding the infinity styled pool, and we loved how we could just hop into the water behind our chairs. The pool chairs also had views of the ocean.


We had a couple different margaritas but this one ^ was by far my favorite.  This was the rosemary and basil infused margarita and it was TO DIE FOR. I will be craving these guys  for a while.

IMG_4306We also enjoyed our favorite thing in the world: chips and guac. MMMMMMMMM. 🙂


This photo is not mine, this is the hotels but this exactly what our room was like. We got too excited to take a photo of ours… ahhh we forgot. Ops. 🙂

We spent a lot of time on our patio just in aw over the views.


This was my favorite photo from the trip. ❤

As for dinner, we did not eat at the hotel for dinner, but we did experience a very kind gesture when the concierge staff sent us champagne for my birthday.

We also enjoyed a sunset on the rooftop but were also too in the moment for my camera. If you saw my instagram story (seeknvegan) then you might remember. It was amazing!


*This floral romper is by the brand NBD and was purchased at Nordstrom Rack. I can’t find any available online, but you may be able to find one at yours locally. 🙂

Although our time here was short, it was very memorable. The only downside my husband will tell you is that the AC wasn’t powerful enough. I however am always cold, so that did not apply to me. 🙂

I highly suggest staying here if you’re looking to escape the craziness of Cabo San Lucas. It was stunning, serene, and magical. You can find competitive rates on this hotel through many different travel sites. We snagged our rate for under $300, while the hotel currently lists the room at $500 a night. 🙂

I can’t wait to share more memories and photos from our trip very soon!









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