What the heck is oil pulling? And why you should be doing it.

Hi friends! Happy Friday! I wanna talk something I’ve been doing for years, and have had great results with, oil pulling. It seems a lot of my friends have been posting about it lately so I wanted to give everyone the facts on it.

Oil pulling is a technique taken from the ancient tradition of Ayurvedic medicine from 3,000 years ago. It’s the act of swishing around coconut, sunflower, or sesame oil  for 20-30 minutes and then spitting it out.


I personally prefer coconut oil because of the taste.. It seems to work the best for oil pulling. I love all brands of coconut oil, as long as they’re organic. 👌🏼

There are a lot of claims out there about reversing digestion, immunity, and weight loss, but I want to tell you what I know to be true.

1. It has whitened my teeth. I truly noticed a change from this right away after using it consistently for about a week.

2. It helps with bad breathe. I do believe using this method in the morning and evening before bed has helped when used regularly. I also feel like it is truly cleansing in the morning.

3. It prevents cavities. I have been cavity free for years now. I believe a huge reason why is because of coconut oil and also using fluoride free toothpaste.

Can we be honest with ourselves here, what can’t coconut oil do? 😂 I use it regularly as hair mask, make up remover, in cooking, baking, and household uses. I mean this stuff is pure amazing and the answer to a lot of everyday issues.

This is also husband approved. My hubby is a huge fan of oil pulling as well. He’s better at doing it regularly than I am and I know he loves it.

Whats your favorite use for coconut oil? Comment down below and let me know if I’m the only person obsessed with oil pulling and other ways to use coconut oil. ❤️

See you in my next post.  ✌🏼




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Ashley is a vegan flight attendant sharing her personal style, lifestyle and adventures with all of you! For inquiries or collaborations please email seeknvegan@gmail.com

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