Reflecting on 2016, and looking forward to 2017.


2016 is over.. 😮 I can’t believe it. Can you? This year has been a huge learning and growing experience for me. I am so happy and thankful for the way things have happened.

In 2016 we traveled a lot which I am so thankful for. We went to Croatia for Yacht Week which changed my life. We also got to see Italy. It made me realize I’d still like to see so much more of the world.

We went on a ton of road trips too. Met a lot of great new friends as well! We had so much fun this year!!

I am definitely excited to see what next year has in store for me. I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned this year with you.

#1.. Until this year I never knew anything about self love, which is a topic no one seems to talk about. As women we have so much pressure on us to be perfect, thin, tan, fit, and beautiful (all of the time). I used to believe that I had a good relationship with myself until I started paying attention to little things I was saying to myself in the mirror on a regular basis. If you are guilty of doing this too… you need to stop. The things you say to yourself are more damaging then you think. This year I learned to be good to myself. To only speak words of love. The funny thing is, the more I loved myself the better I saw myself. There are still moments where I may say things, but as soon as I realize what I’m doing I’m able to shift my thinking to positive affirmations. I challenge you this year to do this. I highly recommend Dr. Wayne Dyer. He has changed my life. I also have found listening to self love podcasts also help as well. The best form of self love is by being good to people. You’ll learn to love yourself in how you treat others.

#2.. Another thing is that I realized people will hurt you. You just have to forgive them anyway. I have always been the kind of person who wants everyone to love me…It’s a blessing and a curse. 😅 But learning you can’t please everyone will set you free. Also learning people you thought would be in your life forever, may not be, and that’s okay. People will hurt you in their actions and in their words, but you just need to forgive them. Forgive them for you more than for them and live your life. My goal now is to make sure to be the change I want to see in the world. Smile at people. Make people feel good and important. Be kind. You never know what somebody is going through.

#3.. My husband is my constant. I’ve said this many times but I mean it because it’s such a blessing to have that support. He is always there for me and I am so thankful he is my husband. He lifts me up, encourages me, makes me laugh, and is always there for me. He’s so passionate about veganism which is so incredible. He’s sensitive and compassionate, I really lucked out marrying this amazing man. He truly is my best friend.

#4.. Lastly, I’ve learned to let go of things that are no longer are meant for me. The biggest thing that showed me this was being laid off from a job I’ve known for almost 3 years. The main doc was leaving and had to layoff some staff. It was only after everything happened that I learned I lost myself by working there. The hardest thing for me to accept is that I wouldn’t see some of my second family anymore. This lay off turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. My passion is veganism. Veganism wasn’t in line with the company I worked for which made things hard and made me unhappy.  I got teased about my lifestyle often which hurt me. I was also in charge of the recipes for our national & local newsletters, and it was very hard because I no longer felt okay telling people to eat meat. Looking back this truly was my blessing in disguise for 2016.

I have been so happy lately because I truly feel like I’ve found myself. My blog is my artistic outlet. Veganism is my passion. I’m just so glad I can share these things with all of you.

Right now I’m pursuing a job I’ve wanted my whole life… I’ll explain more later.😁 I’m just so thankful to have my amazing hubby supporting me every step of the way.

I’m so excited to see what 2017 has in store for me.

XO, Ashley


PS: These photos were taken in Las Vegas on Christmas Eve. Red Rock is a magical place. It’s my favorite in Las Vegas.



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Ashley is a vegan flight attendant sharing her personal style, lifestyle and adventures with all of you! For inquiries or collaborations please email

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