Quartz Mountain

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was great! Vicente and I had a ton of fun watching his friend’s awesome band (FigureItOut-Check them out on Spotify) play at The Marquee on Friday, and on Saturday we got to spend time with our favorite couple doing Christmas activities at The Fairmont Princess. If you haven’t been, you NEED to go. We went ice skating and enjoyed the shows, trees, and lights. It definitely got us all in the Christmas spirit. It seems like all we’ve been doing lately is shopping at all different stores trying to figure out perfect gifts for everyone. It’s hard to stay focused on the reason for the season when you’re stressed about gifts. It’s not worth it. Just remember that no matter what you get, the person is gonna love it. Let go of the stress, and enjoy the best time of the year because it’s almost over. And oh yeah. My hair… 😊 I went back to the DARK side and I’m loving it. It’s closest to my natural hair so it feels right. I loved the balyage but it was damaging my hair so much. That dang bleach. But my hubby likes my hair dark best, so it’s all a win win in my eyes.


Vicente and I are house hunting and we’ve always wanted to end up in Paradise Valley. We tend to drive around looking at different homes in that area. Our favorite areas are Camelback mountain and Quartz Mountain. We decided to do a little shoot at Quartz Mountain this weekend while looking at houses. This outfit was perfect because it honestly hasn’t been that cold here lately. Especially in the sun. Am I the only one who’s sad about it? 😩 It’s okay though… we’ll get there eventually.


But seriously how cute is this outfit? This dress is amazing and so comfy. Shift dresses seem to be my go to dress. They are SO versatile! The white scarf totally breaks up the whole outfit and I ended up loving these things together. The tights are my favorite because they’re thick and last forever. I love wearing booties with dresses because it adds more of an edge to tgirly outfit. I also wanted to pair a faux leather jacket for a night time look and also for other areas in the world where I KNOW it’s colder than here.


Here are the details:

[ Similar Shift Dress ]  [ Faux Leather Jacket ]  [ Similar Inifinty Scarf ]  [ Best black tights ever ]  [ Similar Faux Leather Booties ]




Thanks for visiting. See you in my next post! XO, Ashley


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Ashley is a vegan flight attendant sharing her personal style, lifestyle and adventures with all of you! For inquiries or collaborations please email seeknvegan@gmail.com

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