“Cheesecake” Strawberries

Hi guys! Happy Sunday! Last night V and I made an amazing vegan dessert perfect and easy for valentine’s day. I’m a huge sucker for anything sweet so this was something I had seen on Pinterest for years, but wanted to veganize it! 🙂

They’re healthier than cheesecake too. It’s basically a stuffed strawberry dipped in chocolate… Two of my favorite combinations in one. Chocolate strawberries and “cheesecake”… mmMMmmm.


Here’s what you need (all from TJ’s) 🙂 :

  • 1 lb vegan strawberries
  • 1 cup vegan chocolate chips
  • 1 package vegan cream cheese (8oz)
  • 3 giant size graham crackers of your choice
  • 1 grapefruit
  • 1 teaspoon stevia/sugar of your choice


***We used a grapefruit because we already had one on hand. You can definitely use a lemon if you’d prefer that. 🙂


This cream cheese mixture is heavenly. 🙂


This was hard not to eat all of tooooo…. AHHH 🙂


  1. Prepare cream cheese mixture by mixing one container of cream cheese, two tablespoons grapefruit, 1 teaspoon stevia/sugar.
  2. Set aside.
  3. Melt chocolate by adding in one cup of chocolate chips and one teaspoon of coconut oil in a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water (or use double boiler if you have).
  4. Set aside.
  5. Cut the stems off of the strawberries and gut the middle out. 🙂
  6. Now take cream cheese mixture and either put in a bag to fill or use a spoon to carefully put mixture in the strawberries.
  7. Once this is done, crumble graham crackers and place crumbs on top.
  8. Then dip strawberry in chocolate mixture.
  9. Once this is done, place the strawberries on either wax paper or a pan of your choice to cool in refrigerator. 🙂
  10. Cool or 4-6 hours or overnight.
  11. Enjoy!!! 🙂

This is great to have for yourself or to make for your valentine!

I will also be sharing another food recipe for you this week as well!

Hope you have a great week filled with love and chocolate!



Perfect Valentine’s Venue

Hi guys! I am so thankful for all of the kind words and messages you all have sent on my most recent post. It means a lot. I also feel good knowing I can be a little moe vulnerable and it’s okay. Life isn’t always perfect and I wanna be open with all of you!

And OMG, I also got a lot of questions on the location and for more information on Different Pointe of View. You guys, the place is amazing! The view is incredible and it’s a hidden gem.


I mean wow. With a view of all of Phoenix, it’s perfectly romantic. I would suggest this for couples looking for some drinks and appetizers. Maybe a first stop for the evening? Perfect of any date in my opinion. 🙂

Their drinks are reasonable as well compared to some other places around the valley. The address is: 1111 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020.


They open at 5:00 PM and they take reservations for the dinner side. I would recommend them if you are planning on going for dinner.


It is sure to please anyone really. Every person who walked in immediately wanted to take photos. That shows how amazing it is.

What are your Valentine’s plans?? ❤


Vegan Minestrone

Hi guys! You guys asked for it..so here I am to bring it to you! I love this soup. It’s always good, always comforting, and a total crowd pleaser! There’s something about a bunch of veggies in a soup that always fills me up and makes me feel really healthy!

I also love a soup that has a bit of spice! 🙂


These are all some of my favorite products…


We made a huge batch of this for meal prep last week and we loved it! Here’s what you need:

  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 4 cups veggie worth
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic chopped
  • 1/2 cup chopped celery
  • 3/4 cup chopped carrots
  • 1 cup fresh parsley
  • 1 giant can of crushed tomatoes with basil
  • 2 cans cannelloni beans
  • 1 can pinto beans
  • 3 cups chopped zucchini
  • 3 cups water
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp oregano
  • 1/4 tsp thyme
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 1 box Pasta Shells (I used Banza)
  • 1 cup baby spinach
  • 3 tbsp chopped basil


Easy Instructions:

  1. Heat olive oil in a large saucepan over medium heat.
  2. Add onion and garlic and cook until translucent and both seem done.
  3. Add carrots, celery, and tomato and bring to a boil.
  4. Add the beans, zucchini, water, salt and spices and cook for about 20 minutes.
  5. Add 1/2 cup pasta and simmer for 12 or more minutes.
  6. Taste and adjust flavors as you please. ( I added siracha and nutritional yeast)
  7. Add in spinach and 2 tbsp chopped basil and simmer for another couple of minutes.
  8. Serve hot garnished with fresh basil and vegan parmesan.
  9. Enjoy! 🙂


See.. and they say being vegan is hard…. WELP.. it’s not!!

Hope you have a great rest of your week! ❤





Hey guys! I’m back! I took a little break on the blog to get my thoughts together and also to allow myself to get my creative juices flowing! I’m so excited because I have a lot of things store for you guys coming up!

First things first, last weekend we went to Sedona for my hubby’s birthday and I wanted to share a few fun photos from that trip:

As we drove in my hubby got a reading. It was okay… I won’t list her info because I wouldn’t recommend her. But it was okay!

First stop is always at ChocolaTree. This is my favorite place in Sedona.


The vibe here is very relaxed and is all vegan. 🙂


This particular time I choose the Elote Chowder. Which is a beyond delicious corn chowder and it was SO good! 🙂 .. Highly recommend it.


My hubby got their curry and it was so good too. Had to try it out. 🙂

So that was our first stop. The next stop was to our favorite grocery store Natural Grocers. The one in Sedona is awesome for vegans because they have a ton of vegan options! We have a taco bar tradition for hubby’s bday! 🙂 He loves it.. So we went and got our groceries for ti!

Then we headed straight for our favorite little hotel on the creek. If you’re looking for a good quiet place to get away from the hustle of Phoenix, this is it.


They are cute cabin-like rooms right on the creek.


Just check out these views!!! 🙂


IT’S ADORABLE! I highly recommend it for a fun weekend getaway!


Hubby is a model as it is… but this is the creek in the back you can visit.


This rock has the best views on the property!


Here we are celebrating my King on his big day.


You probably saw this one already but still, this one showcased the bang reveal. I decided to get side bangs this year. I’ve had the same dang hair it feels like forever. And I am loving them. Hubby loves ’em too. 🙂

Our last stop the next day was to the Airport Vortex in Sedona. We love it!


*PS: Obsessed with this Trafaluc Jacked from Zara. It’s faux fur and all vegan material. Found it in store the week before the trip for $39!

‘Twas an amazing weekend with my hubby. This was the 9th birthday I’ve spent with him. I’m so lucky to be married to my best friend. He is just the best ever!

Hope you have an amazing week! You deserve it! ❤


17 Things I learned in 2017



HAPPY NEW YEAR! “Twas a lovely night at home with my two favorite boys. Enjoyed an  amazing wine and awesome vegan cheese and cracker board.. complete with olives. 🙂 YUM!

Today I want to go over 17 things I learned in 2017!!!

CAUTION: This will be a very real and raw post!

#1- I learned I am the average of the 5 people I hang out with. We are greatly influenced by the people closest to us. These people affect our self worth, our way of thinking, and how you make decisions.  Choose those people wisely.

#2- I learned to be mentally tough. Being mentally tough will make or break you. Look up what this means. I could go on and on for hours.. but basically do the things that are hardest first. Challenge yourself. Learn. I did a 4 week gym challenge before my birthday and I crushed it. Why?! Because I forced myself to be mentally tough. You can too!

#3- I learned I am a BADASS.. And guess what you are a BADASS! Yes you!! Learn to love yourself.  Read the book You are a BADASS by Jen Sincero if you need a little extra boost. ❤

#4- I learned Marriage>Everything. This means girl’s nights, girl’s trips, being away from my spouse and growing apart. A lot of this is good in moderation, but ignoring your marriage and bettering only yourself, will stunt your marriage. Grow your marriage. Go on date nights. Drink too much wine together. YouTube weird videos. Talk about your goals. Talk about your fears.. travel together and GROW. Your husband is your #1.

#5- I learned family is so important. The time you spend with them cannot be replaced. They are getting older and you cannot go back in time. They are your blood and they will always love you. MAKE THE TIME to see them.

#6- I learned to invest. Spend time growing yourself and expanding and become aware of the future. Invest in your health, invest in knowledge, and invest in your future.

#7- I learned I can’t change people. People who are meant to be in your life will make the time for for you. Stop chasing friends who will not do the same for you. People go in and out of your life, but the ones who make effort are worth it.

#8- I learned you should launch that blog you are working on, apply for that job you’ve always wanted, ask that girl out, and do things that freaking scare the hell out of you.. WHY?! Because why the hell not?

#9- (Piggy backing #8) I learned to never give up. I did blogmas this year and there were nights I just didn’t wanna write, but I did… I did because I set the goal. DON’T EVER GIVE UP! Whatever this means to you… and you should know right away, just don’t give up on it!

#10- I learned to live for every day not just the weekends. You know that Friday feeling? You can feel it every day.. It’s not just a one time a week thing. Live every day like a Friday and watch yourself grow.

#11- I learned to not care about what people think! Truly. Gary Vee.. THANK YOU! He taught me how to not care. I don’t anymore. So you are gonna judge, so you’ve probably already said things about me, but right now I just don’t care. I know my truth and I know who I am. You can get there too!

#12- I learned to slow down…. What that means is that it’s okay to live your life how you want, but always remember to take time to really appreciate those times in life that might not be significant to you in the grand scheme. Morning coffee… it’s an every day thing.. until you slow down and really enjoy every sip. Get it? 🙂 The drive home from work.. it’s long.. are you enjoying it with a podcast or your favorite music? It’s all about how you see the situation.

#13- I learned to buy the wine you want or that dress that might be a little over budget. Life is too short to buy the cheap wine or have FOMO about the cute dress. Spoil yourself. (not overboard) but do things for you. Every day, do something for YOU! Self love is underrated.

#14- To piggy back on #13- Do something for someone else every day too. A coworker, family member, husband, dog, that stranger at trader joes, heck even the mail man… WHOEVER. Just do something to make someone else’s day a little better.

#15- I learned there’s always a new day. You screwed up on Monday… guess what there’s always Tuesday to apologize. It’s never the end of the world. We all make mistakes. Apologize and forgive. Two huge things to always do.

#16- I learned my time is valuable. You can get so much done in a day if you manage your time. Buy a planner and starting planning things out. The more organized you are, the more you realize you have time for those things you wanna do!.. Go do ’em!

#17- Last but not least I learned I am always changing, forever growing, and always getting better. It’s okay to change. You used to like mustard… now you hate it. It’s okay. You used to love yoga.. now you love weight training.. COOL! You used to love going out on Friday nights, and now you stay home! Learn to love the changes. It’s okay to change and grow!!!!

I hope you learned a lot this year too!! Let me know what you’ve learned in the comments below! I love hearing your thoughts!

Talk to you soon!


The NYE Cocktail Sure To Please [Champagne Mules]

Hi guys! Two posts in one day? Crazy right!? I am feeling like a very blessed soul to have had this week off to rest and recharge! Now it’s time to bring on New Year’s Eve!

We will most likely go get a drink out and then come back and have a full on PJ party. That’s my ideal NYE honestly. We’ve done all the craziness of going out.. and having to work the next day means I just don’t find it worth it to get too wild.

BUT, on that note I want to share one of the tastiest cocktails I’ve ever made and what we will be drinking tomorrow night… It brings together two of my favorite goto drinks when out! I’m a huge fan of a good Moscow Mule, and have always loved champagne…sooooo


I give you the Champagne Mule. 🙂 I know.. I know.. What a drink right? Using my favorite  gluten free vodka and some other wonderful things, you get this deliciousness.


Here’s the ingredients:

  • 6 oz champagne of your choice.
  • 1 oz vodka (i prefer Titos)
  • 1/2 teaspoon grated ginger
  • 1 oz simple syrup (i made my own with stevia)
  • juice of a half of lime
  • ice
  • mint garnish

To make:

  1. Combine the chilled vodka, simple syrup, grated ginger, and lime juice in a cocktail shaker.
  2. Keep shaking for a good 10 seconds.
  3. Strain mix into your champagne glass.
  4. Top off with champagne.
  5. Garnish with a mint and ENJOY



We will most definitely be making these tomorrow night to ring in the new year!

2018 is my year you guys! I have a few big things in the works, and am really pushing to make this the best year yet. 2017 taught me so much about myself and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Talk to you real soon!



Hi guys! Happy Saturday! Hope your day is going well. We went out for date night last night (and had so much fun BTW) but are moving at a slower pace today, which I don’t have a problem with. We’ve been busy all week so it’s nice to take a day at home to rest and relax. We did all of our weekend errands during the week so I’m very thankful for that!

Now let’s talk about NYE. New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holidays because it involves dressing up and wearing something sparkly (2 of my favorite things). In most recent years I tended to go for the sparkly or velvet dresses, but this year I knew I had to switch it up…. and boy did I switch it up.


The whole outfit is Topshop minus the shoes. But when I saw these high-waisted metallic cigarette pants I knew I had to have them.


This wide armed crop top is a dream too. So flattering and so comfy to wear.


The whole outfit to me is sexy in the right way. Classy even.


And dare I say… comfortable!


Most memories include being freezing cold in a short dress. With this I know I won’t feel that way…


So let’s start at the top for details on this outfit. 🙂 The earrings I wore are these statement earrings from H&M. I found some similar here:


Dillard’s $20

Next we have the gorgeous open back crop top from Topshop:


Topshop Open Back Balloon Crop top- $52

Next is my statement bib necklace. The one shown here is from Banana Republic’s Holiday collection last year. I found a similar one from Baublebar.


BaubleBar Ice Queen Crystal Statement Necklace- $68

And the star of the show….. THE METALLIC PANTS! Guys I love these so much. They are high waisted and very flattering! I love the men’s wear inspiration too.


TopShop Metallic Suit Trousers- $85

And finally the block heels… I love these so much and find them to be perfect for any cropped pant. These I found super cheap, and I can’t find them online.  Here is a pair very similar:


Madden Girl Block Heel Shoes Under $45

This clutch is my favorite ever. It is faux leather and by the brand Chelsea28 at Nordstrom.


Chelsea28 $49 @ Nordstrom

What do you guys think about this look? I love all of these pieces separately too, so I know I will get good uses out of them. A lot of times I never wear my NYE dresses again.

To be completely honest, I don’t think we are going out, and if we do go out, it will only be for a drink. What are your plans?

A little later today I will be sharing what we are drinking tomorrow night. 🙂

PS: Click here for my favorite red lipstick!


Blogmas Day 24- Last DAY! Christmas Eve.

Hi guys! We made it to the end of blogmas. I hope you are having an amazing holiday weekend.

Today is Christmas Eve, and we have had an amazing day. We definitely did. We spent a lot of time catching up and enjoying good food.

Tonight I just want to end blogmas by thanking you guys for your 24 days of support and I could not have done it without you guys! This has been a huge challenge for me, but in a good way. This has shown me how much I can handle and how much I cannot handle. In the end now I know I can blog consistently and spread the vegan message!

I’m ending blogmas by asking for a favor from you guys.. What do you want to see from this blog in 2018? Fashion, Recipes, or more lifestyle posts? Please leave your comments below!

Thank you again for your support and kind words throughout blogmas!

PS: Here are my cookies for Santa:




Hey guys! Happy Christmas Eve, Eve! Hope you’re all having a great day and great weekend with family. My parents are here now and I am so thankful! Tonight we ate at True Food for dinner (my fave). I had a KILLER butternut squash pizza… ugh so good.

So guys, I wanted to quickly mention my #OOTD. I am currently wearing the outfit now because it’s so comfy. I got a few questions and compliments while out today, so I thought I would share it.


This outfit was perfect for the day’s weather. The beanie is from Sole Society similar HERE. The boots are Calvin Klein and the H&M leggings I love (both last season).


The ripped sweater dress is my fave. I just got it recently and every time I wear it, I get a ton of compliments. Here is the link to the Ripped Black Dress from Nordstrom Rack.


This Zara scarf is also a favorite. Can you tell my favorite color this time of year is burgundy? 🙂

Thank you for checking out this post. Hope this gives you some outfit inspo. Adding in different pieces really completes an outfit with pops of color.

Hope you have an amazing rest of your night and see you tomorrow!


New Year Approaching: BLOGMAS DAY 22

Hi guys! Happy Friday! I am feeling so much gratitude and am ALSO just so DARN happy to be off for the holidays. I don’t have to go back to work until next year. Whoop Whoop. 9 days baby!

Today I want to share with you my top 5 goals for next year or 2018!

#1. Blow Up My Blog/Instagram – Make presence known and really get in the vegan online community. Show people the vegan lifestyle is easy, and really partner with friends and brands who are on the same page.

#2. Love myself and others more. I have been working on self love for 2 years, and I must tell you that every day I am feeling better and better. Self love is the answer. Tell Siri to remind you how beautiful you are on Tuesday and how much you’re loved on Thursday ever week, and watch your life change.

#3. Give more, take less. I want to give more of my time and money to those who really need it. I want to do more philanthropy in our community and really live my life with intention.

#4. Become as healthy as possible so that we can start thinking about having kids.(my blood work is perfect, but my current winter diet will not do). This means less processed, more whole foods, less junk, and a consistent work out schedule. These things are crucial.

#5. Invest money and also time into things that better myself. (Meditation Classes, Content Creators, Massages, Blog Conferences, anything that will help me long term.)

What kinds of posts do you wanna see? Do you prefer food posts or style posts? PLEASE let me know in the comments and follow me on IG: Seeknvegan.

Love you guys for reading and being here!



Good evening! This week is OVER! Tomorrow is Friday, and with that comes a congratulations guys, we made it!!! Monday is Christmas! Anybody else have an overload of things to do and not enough time to do it? … This girl is drowning! HA!

Tonight is gonna be short and to the point! Red Lips… we all LOVE THEM. But does animal cruelty have to be involved?

No it does not! Tonight I’m talking about my favorite lipstick under $3 (no, that’s not a typeo).


This gorgeous thing.. is named Red Velvet by Wet’n’Wild. Yep.. you heard that brand right..

This brand is cruelty free and I gotta say I dig their make up lately and this color has always been a favorite. Every single time I wear it someone asks if it’s Ruby Woo by Mac.

YOU JUST PLAIN NEED THIS RED! I put a little on a lip brush to make sure I don’t miss any spots and then I top with a clear gloss and I’m good to go.  (MEGA SLICKS by Wet’N’Wild is my goto for that too)

You do not need to support animal testing. Go for something just as high quality, minus the abuse, and minus the price tag. This is a perfect color for that Christmas party you have this weekend! 😉

Have a great night friends. Hope you go pick up this color and let me know what you think!


WHITE ELEPHANT 2017 (all amazon prime eligible): BLOGMAS DAY 19

HAPPY WEDS! We made it halfway through the week. I am so happy it’s almost Christmas… Are you guys???

Today’s post is the best white elephant gifts you never knew you wanted.

#1 And our NEW favorite game..


Amazon- What do you meme? $29

This game is so fun. We played this for 5 hours straight one night with our friends. That should show you how fun it is! I highly recommend it for family parties and it’s the best white elephant gift.


#2- Something you never knew you needed.


10 ft Iphone Cord- Amazon- $12.99

Our best guy friend is all about these and they are a huge hit at white elephants. These cords are amazing!


#3.  Bluetooth Shower Head


Bluetooth Shower Head -$35 – Amazon

I mean come on guys… this is genius. I am dying to get one of these! SO good for the price!


#4. Lightbox Board


Lightbox $15 – Amazon

These are all over social media now! I love them and they’re a great way to add some fun to your home.

#5. Homemade Sushi Kit


Super Easy Sushi Making Kit-Amazon- $25

Are you joking me??? This is seriously one of the best I’ve ever seen. Who doesn’t love sushi and who doesn’t love easy? This is a great gift all around! ❤

I hope these help you guys with any white elephant gifts you might be needing ASAP. These are all Amazon Prime ready too for all of my favorite procrastinations.

Talk to you beautiful people tomorrow!


All time fave Christmas Films: Blogmas Day 19

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! Back to work and feeling good. Yes it was a 12 hour day… but that’s besides the point. #insurancelife…. Anybody else finally done with shopping??? Ugh, it feels SO good!

Today I am talking about my top 3 favorite Christmas Movies. 🙂



The Holiday- Always a classic. I fall in love with Jude Law every time. It’s such a great movie with so many great teaching points. It helped me a lot in my life at one time, and every time I watch it, it bring back such good memories.



Love Actually-  SO GOOD! In that corny, you can’t stop watching kind of way.  It’s also really messed up at the same time.. but that realness of it is really endearing!



Four Christmases- The funniest and always good for a little pick me up. Little fact: V and I always re-meet each other after seeing this movie. At bars and out… I recommend it. So fun. But the movie is just so GOOD.

What are your favorite Christmas movies? Can’t wait to hear them!





Hi guys! As most of you know, I had to stay home today due to the fact that my eye was basically on fire so this is gonna be short and sweet. Don’t mix up your contact solutions.. moral of the story folks… ops!

Anyways, today I am sharing my favorite Christmas sweaters starting with this adorable black sweater from Honeydew. Anything that lights up and has champagne involed, I want:


LED Light Up Sweater- $68

This next Wildfox one is perfect for any Christmas events or party:


Wildfox Bow Jumper- $98

This next one has my favorite animal, a penguin. ❤ How adorable is this?


Topshop Penguin Sweater-$68

This is for my life of the party friends! I mean C’MON.. this is EPIC!


JUNK FOOD Sweatshirt- $74

This last one is AMAZING! Only because you should never stop believing in Santa!


Make + Model Cozy Sweater-$49

I hope you like these sweaters too. ❤ Talk to you guys tomorrow!


Day 17: Vegan Tamales

Hi guys!! Hope you are having an amazing Sunday! Today we woke up in Tucson. We had such an amazing wedding shoot yesterday with those amazing and extremely talented people. First of all, if you are a Tucson or Phoenix bride you have to have Heather Von Houten & Artists do your make up & hair. These girls are just lovely to be around and are very serious with their craft. Heather, Renee & Rebekah are dolls. I have never felt more beautiful.

If you are looking for a photographer in Tucson who will make you feel comfortable and is a positive ball of energy look no further than Kimberly Gaister. Additionally, Nathanael Tenney was very sweet,kind, professional and definitely someone to keep in mind as well. 🙂

Today we made vegan tamales!!! We’d been talking about it all week and could not wait to make them!


Here’s our massive masa bowl. 🙂


The wimpy vs spicy green chilis.


Vegan cheeeeseeee. Yum!


During boiling…


DONE! ❤ sooooo good…

Here is the recipe we followed:

What you need:

  • 4 cups Maseca corn flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1 cup olive oil
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 16-oz. bag dried corn husks, soaked in warm water
  • 2 cups vegan cheese of your choice
  • 1 16-oz. can green chilis


  1. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the corn flour, baking powder, and salt. Add the canola oil and water and stir well. The corn masa should be soft enough to mold, so add more water if necessary.
  2. To assemble the tamales, scoop 1 to 2 tablespoonfuls of the masa into a corn husk and smooth out, spreading to the narrow ends of the husk, until about 1/2-inch thick. Make sure the masa is centered on the husk and not too close to the wide ends of the husk.
  3. Place 1 tablespoonful of the cheese and 1 tablespoonful of the green chili in the center of the masa. Fold the narrow ends of the husk up to the center, then fold the wide ends together and the bottom end upward to enclose the filling so it doesn’t spill.
  4. (Optional: Tear up a different husk and use the strips to tie the folded end in place.)
  5. Repeat with the remaining husks until you’ve used all the dough.
  6. To steam the tamales, fill a steaming container with 1 to 2 cups of water (it’s easiest to use a steamer, rice cooker, or crock pot for this, but you can also use a pot on the stove). Place the tamales on a rack above the water (make sure they don’t touch the water), cover the steaming container with aluminum foil, and bring the water to a simmer over medium-low heat. Cook the tamales until the dough is firm and not sticky, about 45 to 50 minutes depending on how fast your stovetop cooks.
  7. Remove from the steaming container and let cool for 5 to 10 minutes.
  8. Enjoy the amazing tamales with some enchilada sauce or by themselves. 🙂

*This recipe will make you about 12. Go ahead and double or triple depending on how many you’d like to make!

Please let me know if you make these! I’d love to know what you think! ❤ Have a great night and see you tomorrow. ❤

*Big shout out to my mother-in-law for being amazing and making these with us. You are wonderful! 🙂


Blogmas Day 16: Gary Vaynerchuk

Hello from Tucson. Tonight’s blogmas is going to be kind of short because I am like dead tired after a full day of shooting an amazing bridal styled shoot. So so fun… but didn’t eat all day and kind of exhausted 😂.

I can’t wait until you guys seem them though!! They are gonna be stunning! Go check out some sneaks on instagram @seeknvegan.

Tonight I wanna talk to you about someone who has changed my life and I know he will change yours, Gary Vee.

If you haven’t heard of him, please google him right now and watch the first video that pops up. He is motivating, to the point, and gives great advice.

This video will change you:

I’m sorry this post is so short! I wish you an amazing night and Sunday!

See you all tomorrow!


Blogmas Day 15: DOG FASHION!

Hi Guys. Happy Friday! Tomorrow morning we are off to Tucson for a secret surprise! So excited to share. Go follow me on Instgram to get in on the action @seeknvegan. Tomorrow night we will be celebrating a pre christmas with my hubby’s family as well.

Today I am sharing the cutest dog accessories under $10 I’ve ever seen. I was in love with these when I saw them at first, but couldn’t find Max’s size L.

They also get so much attention. Every time Max has the bow tie on, we get a compliment and a “Where did you get that?” Here he is in the bowtie:


He wears this bowtie proudly. Can’t wait to put him in all the other 2 things.


Wondershop Target- $9.99

I hope you have a great Friday night and Saturday. Talk to you very soon! ❤️


Vegan Cookie Dough Cupcakes: Day 14

Happy Blogmas Day 14! I cannot believe we are halfway through the month! Tonight is my husband’s Christmas party, so I have to post this a bit early for you guys!

I am so excited to be sharing my vegan cookie dough cupcake recipe that won “best presentation” at my work’s potluck this week. They are so yummy and so fun to make. I highly recommend them. I combined two of my favorite recipes (and desserts) to get these.


What you need:

Cookie Dough:

1/2 cup coconut sugar
2 tblsp coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup bob’s red bill g/f flouf
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup of dairy free vegan chocolate chips


1 cup coconut sugar
1 cup coconut milk
2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup coconut oil
2 cups flour of your choice (I used bob’s red mill all in one flour g/f flour)
1 tbsp baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 tbsp flax eggs (3 tbsp ground flax seed + 6 tbsp water)


First things first, let’s preheat your oven to 350. 🙂

Cookie dough Prep:
Mix the coconut oil and sugar together.
Add vanilla, coconut milk and salt and mix as best you can with mixer or by hand.
Add in the flour in in small increments until mixture is smooth.
Finally add your chocolate chips and blend those as well.
When scooping out the dough I use an ice cream scooper. So scoop out small little “half scoops” and put on a cookie sheet and refrigerate for about 30-45 minutes to set.
Cupake Time!
Mix together the coconut sugar, flour, baking soda, and salt and set aside.
Next mix together the coconut milk, vanilla, coconut oil, and flax eggs.
Combine the wet ingredients slowly into this bowl in small increments.
Fill muffin cups 3 quarters of the way full.
Place in the oven and cook for 30-35 minutes depending on your oven. I always check by putting a knife/tooth pick in to see if it comes out clean (that’s how you know it’s done).
Take them out and allow to set for about 20 minutes.

Combining Forces:
Take your cookie dough out and place on top of your cupcake. 🙂
Eat one and save some for yourself if you’re bringing to a party because they will go fast. They are so unique that people will HAVE to try them.

That’s it guys! Pretty easy but so so yummy. Like I said, they are sure to be the most interesting desert at the table. What better way to bring in two classic deserts? They make for the perfect combination!

*You do not need to refrigerate these. They will be safe out of the fridge for about 3-4 days.

Hope are having an amazing Thursday and even better Friday tomorrow. ❤



Dear Santa: BLOGMAS DAY 13

Hi guys! Another long day at the office… but feeling good because the weekend is coming….. Also tomorrow night is my husband’s work holiday party! So that will be a ton of fun! Check out my instagram story for some highlights of that @seeknvegan ❤ This weekend we are going to Tucson to see my hubby’s family and to do a top secret project. To say I’m excited just doesn’t quite do it…
Since this is the last weekend before Christmas, we are trying to get everything ready for my parent’s arrival. I love hosting Christmas because it allows me to be creative in the kitchen and with home decorating (like telling yourself yes you do ABSOLUTELY need that overpriced reindeer from Homegoods) haha am I RIGHT? ❤ In the spirit of Christmas, I thought it would be fun to do another popular blogmas post going around this year and it’s my letter to Santa. I love reading other blogger’s letters, so I hope you enjoy mine. 🙂


This year I am not asking for anything material.This year I am asking for experiences and good health for those I love. I want more firsts, more smiles, more travel, more laughs, and more of life. For a long time my anxiety has held me back from a lot of things. Social anxiety in particular, has made me miss dinners with friends, nights out, travel, trying new places, and really putting myself out there.
“What if they don’t like me?” “What if I fail?” “What if I say something stupid?” “What should I wear?” “What if everyone laughs at me?”  “What if I am overdressed?”…  “What if they won’t like me?”.. “I’ll just stay home.” These are all common things phrases that float around in my head often. But this year Santa, can you help me experience life without my anxiety getting in the way?
I really put myself out there this year Santa. Started my blog, met new friends, and really lived my life. So please for next year all I want is to experience more with my husband and grow as a person.
As far as the health part goes, can you please keep my closest family and friends healthy. I would like for them to all live forever.
Thank you Santa! I appreciate it. -A
Have a good night friends. ❤

HOLIDAY LOOKS: Blogmas Day 12

Hi there! Hope you’re having a great Tuesday. Oh my this week has been a rough one. I work in Insurance and this is our busiest time. It is crazyyyyy! Open enrollment is ending soon.. thank god. But for now, we suffer. It’s okay though. I’m still feeling so much gratitude to have a good job. Also, my iPhone 6 (from 2014) finally took it’s last fall today, for good. That’s okay though… I never got a new phone because I always thought when mine died, I’d get the newest one.. well it died. But it is turning out to be a blessing in disguise.  ❤

So, for today I am bringing you two holiday party looks from one of my favorite boutique’s… Francesca’s. This store is so adorable and has the daintiest things. It’s very southern in my opinion. Every thing they sell is classy and unique. I knew this would be a great and reasonable place to get some good looks.. It’s that time of year.. you have your office party and then your partner’s and family parties… it is SUCH a fun time, but also a stressful time. You’e trying to get everything done while still working and trying to accomplish your end of the year goals. The last thing you wanna worry about during the holidays is spending more money on outfits… I have your answer to solve everything..  YOGA... JK.. (that helps though) What I am trying to say, is I can help you save money on these events… I don’t like spending a lot of money on dresses I probably won’t wear more than a few times. This first dress looks INSANE on everyone. This wrap dress thoughs…
IMG_0777 (1)
So stunning! First of all the color is a gorgeous cranberry color… It is definitely perfect for an office setting party. You could throw a blazer on with it and you can wear it to work that day before any event. It’s also a great dress to wear to family functions as well. Love adding over the knee boots for some extra depth as well. You need this dress!  This dress in available in stores only.
I love adding over the knee boots and tights to dresses. It gives them a little bit of edge. These are my favorite vegan OTN boots from Calvin Klein. Also the tights I cannot rave about anymore than I already do can be bought HERE. This bib necklace is from J Crew but an older collection that I could not find. But any statement necklace would work wonders. 🙂
Ahem hem hem….
This next one.. OMG. I have this thing for red dresses. Something about a red dress really makes me feel put together! This dress is for those girls who want to stand out, but for all the right reasons. I love dresses with straps that are also off the shoulder.
This dress is a  guaranteed jaw dropper. When taking these photos I could tell this dress was one to please. This is also my husband’s favorite (man approved). You could definitely wear this to an office party as well if you throw on some tights under neath. This dress is just pure amazing. I am probably going to wear this one to my husband’s work party.
With the detailing at the bottom I had to show it off for this post. The shoes are a dream too. Not the most comfortable, but I always say, the more you drink at the Christmas party, the less you care about the heels (bringing back up flats is the best option too). It’s kind of like drinking yourself a sweater too. hehe. Any festive shoe will do.  Here’s some similar ones.
This dress also can only be found in stores as an exclusive at Francesca’s.
The bag is my favorite clutch right now from Chelsea28!!! I have been grabbing for it so much (under $50 and more colors).
The red lips are a HUGE must with this dress in my opinion. My favorite red is “Red Velvet” from Wet’N’Wild (cruelty free) and under $3.
Both of these dresses are under $50, but very high quality for the price! Which one’s your favorite? I’d love to know… Please comment below!
Hope this gave you guys some inspiration for your next party. ❤  Writing you more soon.


Hi Guys! I hope your Monday was better than the average Monday. Mine was good but work is crazy right now and I am so happy to be home… 12 hours later! I cannot believe we are almost halfway through this month! Today, I wanted to do something a little different. My hubby has great style and always gets compliments on it, so I thought it might be fun to start a new series for men. Is that something you guys wanna see? Let me know!
I love this outfit! And really digging the look of a sweatshirt and blazer combined. It’s effortless chic and was sort of trend from a few years back, but is coming back into style now for winter. My husband is very vegan conscious and I always tell him he’s the “preachy” one in our relationship. So vegan fashion is important to his as well.The blazer is Hugo Boss. Couldn’t find it online but any vegan grey sort coat will look amazing. ❤ Hugo Boss also has good vegan products too! Another designed to jump on the vegan train! The sweatshirt is from “The Rail” section of Nordstrom. Always a good go to for guys in my opinion as well. I like pretty much everything they sell there. Here’s a similar style. His sunnies, ugh I love too. My husband wears a suit from time to time for work so I had gotten him these sunnies for work and for every day. It is perfect for both settings. Ermengildo Zegna has always been one of his faves for suits so when I saw these, I knew they were perfect for him. Get them here!
His pants from H&M are a classic staple. They have these almost every year and are a must in my opinion for every guy in your life.  Here’s a similar pair (under $30) from ASOS. The watch is JORD. 🙂 Looveeee this dang watch. So does he. It’s the Hyde Ebony & Iron Style. Click HERE to get my discount code emailed to you.
The shoes are the classic White Converse.  Love the Converse and Blazer look.  Something about a guy in chucks.. I tell you.. And plus they’re VEGAN! 🙂
What do you guys think about doing #MCM Monday to show some men’s fashion?  Let me know in the comments… Have a great night friends! See you tomorrow! ❤

Last Minute Gifts: BLOGMAS DAY 10

Hi guys! Hope you had a great day! Ours was packed with errands. We were gonna have a relaxing day, but then I realized this is our last weekend before Christmas to prepare because next weekend we are going to Tucson for a photoshoot and pre- christmas with my hubby’s family. 🙂 I also have a potluck at work tomorrow and I am participating in the cupcake war’s portion. 🙂

SO, needless to say it was a crazy day. But I had a great blogmas idea come to me today. We got invited to a couple of last minute parties and I realized there is never enough time to stop and get a gift. These are things you should definitely have ready for unexpected gifts or people you may have “forgotten”.

Idea #1- Wrap up a bottle of wine with a bow. Viola.. Who doesn’t love wine? This gift is perfect for any hostess.


Now for all you guys out there… If you like IPA’s this ONE is for you. My hubby couldn’t wait to buy this and how perfect is it for a “guy gift”. A great gift for your buddies as my husband would say. (You can get this box at Whole Foods)

IMG_0699 (1)

So there you go guys, 2 simple ideas for a great last minute gift.<3

This week is going to be crazy for me, so challenge accepted blogmas! Hope your Monday treats you well!


Mint Chocolate Vegan Bark: BLOGMAS DAY 9

Hi guys! I hope you’re having a great night. My day was amazing! It truly was. Most of you know I used to work for Naturopathic doctors, and I had a pretty close relationship with 2 in particular. The universe brought us back together and today we reunited at the Old Town Farmer’s Market. ❤ It was amazing seeing them. We really look up to them and they have the most adorable family. They really are a family to look up to. We left there with our heart’s full.

Later in the day, I got to meet up with one of my new girlfriends who the universe also brought into my life, and I’m so so thankful for her. We are very alike and I really love spending time with her.  We went to her friend Megan’s reveal party for her own label of beer. I LOVE seeing people follow their dreams and go for that they want in life. It’s so inspiring!! One of my big dharma’s in life is encouraging people to do the things they’ve always wanted to do! I was so impressed by her beer. She was giving out one HerStory White Ale she revealed, and I am obsessed with it. I love beer, I wish I could drink it more, but unfortunately  I am sensitive to gluten so I can only have it here and there. If I was able to drink beer more often, hers would be my first choice. (I’m for sure a wine gal all day)  Check out her story here: http://www.greenwoodbrews.com

IMG_0751 (2)

For tonight’s blogmas, I am sharing my famous and INSANELY delicious, vegan chocolate mint bark! Everyone I have made this for STILL raves about it. And it’s only 3 ingredients! I had to share it again with you guys!

What you need:

  • 2 10 oz bags of vegan semi-sweetened chocolate chips
  • 1 tbsp organic peppermint oil
  • 1 large candy cane or 3 small ones


  • img_0757.jpg


  1. Melt the bags of chocolate in a double broiler (or some sort of heat friendly bowl over a boiling pan of water) and set aside.
  2. Break up the candy cane(s) in a plastic bag with any kind of hammer tool you’d like. Hammer lightly to get some good chunks.
  3. Put 3/4 of the crushed candy canes in the chocolate and mix all together.
  4. Spread the melted minty chocolate out on a piece of parchment paper in a deep dish bowl/ pan of your choice.
  5. Sprinkle remainder of the candy cane bits on top of the chocolate mix.
  6. Place in the fridge for one hour to cool
  7. Take out, break into pieces, and put in a tin or storage of your choice.
  8. Enjoy, or gift to someone you love. 🙂



I highly recommend this recipe for you to make for anyone. ❤

See you tomorrow!


Reviewing Bailey’s Almondmilk Liqeur: BLOGMAS DAY 8

Hi guys! Happy Friday! I’ve been wanting to try this forever and tonight was the night. My mom’s favorite holiday drink is Baileys, so I grew up watching her (and my godmother) loving it! So obviously I couldn’t wait to try this one to convert them over over to a cruelty free option. It was really yummy.

IMG_0678 copy.jpg

It reminds me of the original, but almost even better. We added cinnamon and it made for an amazing drink. If you’re looking for a Christmassy cocktail, this is the ONE sure to please. I wanna try an Irish Cream with it, so that will be the next one to try! I will report back!

You can get the Almond Milk Baileys basically everywhere now. 🙂 So yummy! I have seen it at Total Wine, Fry’s, and Bevmo!

Anndddd. can we PLEASE talk about the adorable cups too? Obviously from Target… LOVE them so much! They are a hard plastic, but very high quality. You need them!


Target – Threshold Santa Cups (SALE) Under $2

I definitely give this 5/5 stars and a huge hit for your holiday party or event.

Have a great rest of your night and early Friday! I’ll be talking to you real soon!



Gifts for Him: Blogmas Day 7

Happy Friday eve! Hope you had a great week. We are so happy it’s Thursday! This weekend we have a lot going on and I’m ready to be productive! We get to see some some great people this weekend and I’m excited!

Tonight I am sharing with you husband approved gifts for HIM. ❤ I love shopping for my husband. He always jokes if it wasn’t for me, he’d be naked.. true story. I enjoy shopping for him more than myself.

A classic gift that you can never go wrong with is a watch. This one from Jord is amazing and my husband can’t stop wearing it.


Jord Ebony & Iron Wood Watch-$219 (use my code for 20% off)

The next thing is a great sport’s coat. Every man NEEDS one. I am a firm believer that a suit or sport’s coat really is lingerie for men. A dark grey color is perfect because it goes with everything. Also, brown or black shoes go well with grey too.


14th & Union Grey Lapel Jacket- $89.97 Nordstrom Jack

The 3rd item is a big win for your social guy. This whiskey gift set is perfect. It comes with glasses, whiskey stones, and a nice bottle of Whiskey. 🙂 Sure to please. Especially perfect if you just got a new bar cart and your man needs his own corner of the cart. 🙂


Mouth Whiskey Set- $147

My next item is a good quality wireless speaker! Music is important and is beneficial in so many situations. 🙂 This one in particular reminds me of Yacht Week so it gets extra bonus points. It is waterproof which is great too. 🙂 You can literally throw it into the pool.


Ultimate Ears Wonderboom – On Sale @ Walmart $79.99

I don’t know about you but my robes are my favorite things to wear. Also, I am obsessed with hotel robes.  Guys deserve that luxury too. Here is one that I always hear about. It’s vegan and so cozy. 🙂


Parachute Men’s Cotton Robe-$99

Next, can we talk about this water bottle? Oh my gosh, it is so classy, and I know the guy in your life will love it too.


Swell Wooden Water Bottle-$35-$45

Last but certainly not least, tickets to a game or concert. My husband and I’s favorite gifts are experience gifts. To me experiences are so much better than any gift. Making memories are my favorite gifts. My husband and I gift each other experiences most holidays! We use stubhub all of the time to get last minute steals!



I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration and will help you decide on a great gift for your guy!

Talk to you tomorrow friends! ❤


BlogMas Day 6-2.png

Hello friends! We’re half way to friyay, and it’s hump day! I gave away the clue of doing a hat must haves for today, and this is something I take very seriously. I love hats. I have a definite hat addiction this season! They make every outfit so much better. I’m sure you can tell but I would say my style would be neutrals and basics with an accessory pop/or pop of color. 🙂

My first hat is the one I featured on my Instagram today. This beauty right here:



Paper And Crown – $25.00 – Nordstrom

This style hat is my absolute favorite. I’ve heard it be called Newsboy, Paper Boy, and Fisherman hat… Whatever they are! I love them!

My second pick is just adorable. I have a burgundy one just like this (not available) and I am obsessed! This style is so cute and looks great on everyone. TaDa:


Pom Pom Lulu’s- $48

Love love love this one! So perfect for a weekend up north or somewhere cold!

The third one is also similar to the first. A “cabby” hat from Forever21. When I first wanted this hat I looked everywhere and was so surprised to see it there. I don’t really shop there anymore, but accessories are so cheap and for trendier pieces that I know won’t stay in forever, I’ll go.


Cabby Hat – $15 Forever21

You’ve seen this in photos on my Instagram before.. I love it and I get so many compliments on it! It’s a must buy!

The last and final hat is a classic. I love fedora hats, but to be vegan they have to be felt. This one is my absolute favorite style. It’s called The Fedora Felt.


The Fedora Felt- VAUTE $160

This last one is on my Christmas list, and is a total splurge!

Hope you enjoyed my favorite style of hats and I’ll talk to you wonderful people tomorrow!


Day 5: “Go All Out” Gift Guide FOR HER! <3

Hi everyone! Hope your day was great… mine went well but was very long. Today I wanna talk about a “go all out for her” gift guide. What I mean by this is, this is for someone you love and you’re not afraid to spend on! These are for the ladies that have been really good to you this year! 😉

The Bennett Family Residence611 North Avenue Middleton, WisconsinDecember 23, 2015 at 7_00 PM-3.jpg

The first item is one on my Christmas list this year as well, and it is the Vitamin 5200. It is their starter blender, and I’ve been drooling over it for awhile. We have a Ninja that works well, but this baby cannot be compared. It has more 5 star reviews than any other blender online!



My next item is also my favorite item on the wish list, because I have it and I am obsessed. 🙂 The Angela Roi Cher Tote. I cannot rave enough abut this beauty! It gets more compliments than I can even count. It is sturdy, stunning, and worth the money. I cannot stress how much I love this vegan bag. It is HIGH quality. Like any other designer bag, minus the cruelty! Must buy in my opinion! I am asking for another color on my list. 🙂


Angela Roi Cher Tote- $240

This 3rd one is one you can never go wrong, a juicer! Juice is healthy and always a top priority in my life. We have one, but not a Breville. It’s sure to please! Any kitchen guru or fitness fanatic would go crazy over this thing! Stop spending so much and make your own at home.


Breville Juicer800 JEXL-274.95

The last and final is a definite statement and I love it! dun dun dun… The Stella Mccartney Logo Clutch. This is beautiful. I love my Stella, but it can be very big for an every day bag… This is perfect for errands and going out. It’s great when you don’t wanna carry a bigger bag around. I am in love and I am obsessed with everything Stella stands for! Made with faux leather, and a statement piece no doubt!


Stella Mccarntey- Stella Logo Clutch $380 

What do you think about these? Ugh! I am obsessed with all of them. I hope this gives you some inspiration for a leading lady in your life! 🙂

Wishing you an amazing hump day for tomorrow! ❤


Favorite Christmas Cookie: Blogmas Day 4

Hi guys! Tonight I am excited to tell you about my favorite Christmas Cookie. Yes, it’s very important friends, and just had to be a part of the tag! Yesterday we talked about wine, tonight we talk about cookies! When we first went vegan The Coronado is the first place we went to. I always felt very welcome there from the moment we walked in.

Just like anything else at first, it was kind of scary. But now I will have my first memories of veganism shared there. Vegans and non-vegans alike love this place!

Being Vegan has been the best decision we’ve ever made, just like going to The Coronado. Not only do they have the best Cauliflower Tacos in the world, they ALSO have the best rosemary chocolate cookies. It’s a unique tasting experience that brings so much more flavor than any other chocolate chip cookie!


Although I don’t have the real recipe… here is one adapted from love me, feed me:

What you need:
  • ½ cup refined coconut oil
  • 1.5 tbsp chopped fresh rosemary
  • ⅓ cup light brown sugar
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ¼ cup granulated sugar
  • ¼ c nondairy music
  • 1 tbsp ground flax seed (golden preferred)
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1.5 cups flour (bob’s red mill is best)
  • ½ tsp pink himalayan sea salt
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 cup dark chocolate chips
  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Grease a cookie pan or cover with parchment paper.
  3. Mix together the coconut oil and rosemary until relatively smooth.
  4. Now add both sugars and beat for about a minute.
  5. Add the non dairy milk and ground flax seed and mix again.
  6. In a small bowl whisk together about half the flour with the salt, and baking powder,
  7. Mix well with the wet ingredients. Add the remainder of the flour, along with the chocolate chips, and mix until it looks like cookie dough.
  8. I love using an ice cream scoop to put out the dough on a cookie sheet about 2 inches apart.
  9. Bake cookies for about 12 minutes if you like your cookies a little softer like me, otherwise go ahead and
  10. Take out and let cool down a bit before serving.
  11. Grab your favorite glass of dairy free milk and enjoy!


If you are in Phoenix, I highly recommend The Coronado for these cookies and everything else…. but if you’re not in Phoenix, make the recipe and let me know what you think! 🙂

Hope your Tuesday brings you joy… Just one step closer to Friday… See you tomorrow! ❤



Let’s talk about wine! (Blogmas Day 3)

Hi guys! This weekend went by way too fast in my opinion. I have to say I am very excited to talk to you guys about my favorite thing in the world besides my husband, WINE! 🙂 But seriously, I love me some wine. When we first went vegan we quickly learned that not all wine is created equal.

One of the best websites you’ve probably never heard of is http://www.barnivore.com. This website is an amazing source of information on what wines are vegan. I couldn’t be happier to find out that my favorite wines are vegan. Including my absolute favorite: The Prisoner. Another favorite of mine is Stag’s Leap and that is also a vegan winery.

Who would’ve known? Before I was vegan I had reactions to some red wine and I never knew why. Now I know it could be egg related. I have sensitivity to eggs, but even if I didn’t, I would not eat them knowing what I know now.


Let’s be honest though, for those nights you are okay with a cheap bottle and some vegan cheese, there’s Trader Joe’s! Not only is it the vegan mecca in my opinion, they list Vegan on their cases and where they put their tasting notes.


Surprisingly, some wines are mixed with egg shells, fish bladder (isinglass), gelatin, and casein. These are meant to be additives and a fining agent.

Did you know that? I definitely did not. The best part about http://www.barnivore.com is that I can search wines wherever I am. It helps a lot when dining out too! 🙂

I hope this post helps you and I also hope you have a wonderful Monday!


Best Stocking Stuffers Under $10 for Her

Hi guys! Hope your weekend is going well! I feel like ours is going by way too fast. 😦 AGH! With so much to do, and my hubby having a bad sinus infection, it’s been kind of hard to really do all that we need to do. BUT, it’s okay, it’s all good, and I trust the timing of everything!

Today I wanna talk about 5 stocking stuffers under $10! i just love them… These are some of my favorite things ever!

Here goes:

#1. Real Techniques Blending Sponge:


$5.99 Ulta

This is by far my favorite blending sponge. It’s even better than the over hyped beauty blender. It is sure to please any gal on your list!


2. Trader Joes Vegan Organic Dark Chococlate


$1.69 Trader Joes – In store Purchase.

My favorite dark chocolate of all time. It’s accidentally Vegan and I AM OBSESSED. My go to for every chocolate craving! Just try it, and thank me later.


3. Target Soy Candles


Target- Holiday Spruce $10 HERE .. SO GOOD! Soy candles are my JAM! Anything else is toxic. I used to buy the Bath & Bodywork’s candles until I realized how toxic they were. These Target soy candles are amazing! Highly recommend. You can never go wrong with these.


4. Evian Face Spray


Walgreens –  At $9.00 this stuff is INSANE you guys! This face spray is incredible. It’s meant for a refresher on a hot day, but I have been using this as a setting spray for years and it works so WELL. I used to buy the fancy make up brand ones, until I found this and it WORKS. Highly recommend.. definitely vegan and cruelty free!


5. Marble Coasters

These Marble Project 62 Coasters are Stunning at $9.99. These coasters would please anyone! I am obsessed. They are gorgeous in person and are sure to make anyone happy!

There it is guys! My top 5 favorite stocking stuffers under $10. I highly recommend and stand by all of these things. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas See you tomorrow friends!


Blogmas Day 1


Guys! I’m doing it… I’m scared, anxious, excited, and so so happy to take on this challenge! THE BLOGMAS challenge. When I told my husband, he was like the WHAT?! Blogmas means you are posting a blog post every day in December!

Did I mention I’m excited? So we’re for sure celebrating over here (also my husband got a new listing today and we are also over the moon about it)! Any excuse for champagne is a good enough one for me! HAPPY DECEMBER 1st! The best month of the year!

For day one I wanted to do something fun! By the way, my fellow blogger friends, I challenge you to do this as well. 🙂 The Christmas Tag. Here goes…..

  1. Use one noise to describe how excited you are for christmas.


2. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

-We usually do. Growing up opening just one present builds excitement! I know some people open up all of their gifts which is so interesting to me.

3. What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year?

-We don’t have too many but we usually have a Christmas Fettuccine on Christmas Eve. Max our fur baby dresses up as Santa every Christmas. And on Christmas day we go to the movies after dinner.

4. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

-This year it is FAKE. We have had real trees the last 2 years but we just moved into our modern/loft style apartment and apparently I over decorated and we don’t have a ton of room. It is a pencil tree but I LOVE IT! It’s got the fake snow on it too and it has silver decor. Our living room is silver, white, and grey… so the tree matches perfectly!

5. What is your favorite Christmas film?

-TOTALLY A TIE FOR THIS ONE: The holiday & Love Actually.

6. Where do you usually spend your holiday?

-We switch off between my parents and my in-laws. Soon enough though I will be hosting every holiday! I love hosting and I can’t wait until we buy our first home together!

7. What is your favorite Christmas song?

-Michael Buble- It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas- SO GOOD!!!!! AGH!

8. What is your all-time favorite holiday food/sweet treat?

-Vegan Chocolate Peppermint Bark! All the way! Click HERE for my recipe.

9. Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?

-Giving! 100%. I am a giver!

10. What is your favorite thing about christmas?

-Spending time with my family! And people are so happy during this season! Everywhere you go there’s a warm and comfy and happy vibe. Candles, christmas trees, blankets, fires… .need I say more?

11. When do you start getting excited for Christmas?

-November? This year we put our tree up super early and I love it!

12. What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

-Our first year dating Vicente got me a Tiffany’s Necklace. It was the guitar pick style heart necklace with a black background. ❤

13, What is the worst present you’ve ever received?

-Hmmm. I honestly haven’t gotten any that I would consider “worst”.

14. As a kid, did a sibling ever receive a present that you wished was for you?

-Not really. My parents really knew how to do Christmas.

15. What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

-New York City. I can’t convince my hubby….He thinks it will be too cold.

16. Most memorable Holiday moment?

-One Christmas Eve about 4 years ago my family and I got in a car accident. Thankfully we were all safe and after it happened we couldn’t all help but be so thankful to be alive.

17. Do you make New Years resolutions? Do you stick to them?

-Yes and Yes. I’m a huge believer in goal setting and follow through!

18. What makes the holidays special for you?

-Family, Food, and Friends 🙂

19. You have been granted one Christmas wish…what will it be?

-Everyone in the world went vegan. 🙂

20. What is the number one gift on your list this year?

-More Angela Roi. 🙂


Why are question games so fun?! See you tomorrow!




5 Tips for Transitioning to a Vegan Lifestyle

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! It’s been a crazy week at home (JK). But on a serious note, I am feeling better and I have a want to write. I get a lot of questions about the vegan diet on the daily. The #1 question I get is, “How do I Transition to a Vegan lifestyle”? Here are my 5 tips for transitioning:


#1 Watch documentaries to really understand why going vegan is important. My favorite are: Earthlings, Vegucated, Blackfish, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Cowspiracy, Food Inc, Forks Over Knives, and What the Health. These documentaries will give you so much information and truly open your eyes. All of these documentaries show why going vegan is important for many different reasons.

#2 Create a support system. Follow vegans on instagram. Also, follow vegan boards on pinterest. Go on Youtube and look up Vegan: What I eat in a day Videos. My favorite Youtubers are MictheVgean, NikkiVegan, and BrettCap. When I first went vegan they all helped so much. My last tip is to find Facebook groups in your city for vegans. (You can always reach out to me too with any questions)!

#3 Start with the vegan staples. Non dairy milk, tofu, bananas, quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, nut butters, veggies, lentils, chickpeas, hummus, salsa, black beans, lettuce, carrots, rice cakes, any other meat substitutes, pasta, vegan pesto/red sauce, tortillas, bread, onions, potatoes (all), coconut aminos, tahini, vegan mayo, veggie burgers, and I could go on forever. All of these are my staples. 🙂

#4 With that, learn to read labels. Labels tell all. One of my favorite grocery stores is Trader Joe’s. They clearly write out all of their ingredients which is SO helpful. Follow @TraderJoesVegan on Instagram for reviews and options!! Reading labels will really help make a smooth transition.

#5 Don’t feel bad about a slower transition. Start with one vegan meal a day if you have to. It’s a journey. Not all people can go vegan overnight cold turkey (we did but we are kind of cray). It is a process and if someone tells you otherwise DO NOT LISTEN! 🙂 Go to vegan meet ups, festivals, and remember the reason you are going vegan!


Please let me know if you have any questions! Have a great rest of your week.


Vegan Curry Soup

Hi guys! I’m sure you’ve seen my posts about this by now, but if you haven’t, I AM SICK AF. Oh my goodness!!! I haven’t been this sick since I was a kid. I rarely ever get sick and I know it’s because I’m vegan. SO, because I’m dying, I have been craving something amazing to make me feel even the tiniest bit better, and I HAVE FOUND IT.

THIS SOUP… guys I can’t even put into words how tasty and simple this soup is to make. It will change your life! My husband made this for me last night and all I can say is I’m so blessed!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 block extra firm tofu
  • rice noodles
  • one medium sweet potato
  • 2 tablespoons thai red curry paste
  • 1/2 red onion
  • cilantro
  • 1 tbsp ginger
  • limes for serving
  • 1 can coconut milk
  • siracha
  • 1 bunch bok choy
  • 4 cups veggie broth



  1. Cut veggies and garnishes so that they’re ready to go: lime, onion, cilantro and tofu.
  2. Then, mince the garlic and ginger.
  3. Peel and dice the sweet potato into small cubes.
  4. Chop the bok choy into one-inch strips and separate the green ends from the stalks.
  5. Add oil or water to a large soup pot along with the garlic, ginger, and red curry paste.
  6. Cook the garlic, ginger, and curry paste over medium heat for 1-2 minutes.
  7. Next add the sweet potato and chopped bok choy stalks only to the pot (save the ends for later).
  8. Add vegetable broth and bring the pot to a boil over medium heat. Once boiling reduce the heat to low and let simmer until the sweet potatoes are tender (about 5 mins).
  9. While the soup is cooking, prepare the rice noodles per their directions and set aside to be divided into bowls at the end.
  10. Once the sweet potatoes are cooked to your liking, add the coconut milk to the soup.
  11. Lastly, add the bok chop greens until they wilt in the soup.
  12. When serving, divide the noodles among four bowls. Add the soup and vegetables over the noodles, then top with red onion, cilantro, lime and if you like spicy like I do, add sriracha. 🙂
  13. Enjoy!


I hope this soup brings you joy! Have a great rest of your week!



The perfect gift for HIM <3

We all have a “him”. Dad, brother, uncle, cousin, best friend, husband, or boyfriend. Whoever “him” is to you, deserves a new watch. Watches are a gift your guy can wear every day if he wants to. That is why watches make for a very special gift. Every time the watch is worn, love from you is given. I have started a tradition for my husband to buy him a watch for most holidays. He has a watch collection now, and he loves having that. As a girl we are spoiled with all kinds of fun accessories, guys have only a small fraction of accessories to stand out.
Vicente, my husband, is #vegan too. 🙂 So some of the watches I have gotten him over the years, he no longer wears out of respect for the animals. When I found out that JORD made wooden watches I was amazed. These beautifully made watches are nothing like I’ve seen. I have maybe seen one wooden watch EVER on anyone, so I knew this gift would be perfect and unique just like him. JORD is a brand I can really align with and respect. 🙂
It was really hard deciding on one, because they are just so special. I decided on the Hyde Ebony and Iron, which is a new style. My husband is a huge fan of neutral clothes, so I knew this watch would be perfect for him. I was so excited for this to come in the mail. It came quickly, and was packaged to perfection. Another huge bonus in my opinion is they take measurements ahead of time so you don’t need to go get links removed (anything that saves time, I LOVE). Luckily I guessed right for V.
The wooden box the watch came in was a gift of it’s own. It has a bottom row for storage as well which was an added bonus. It came with a cleaning cloth and a couple other little tools.
I am not good with surprises so I couldn’t wait to give it to him. A couple other reasons why I couldn’t wait is because I wanted to review it for all of YOU, and second because they are having a HUGE Black Friday Sale today.
Here is the link to receive either $50 or $100 off! https://www.woodwatches.com/g/seeknvegan.
You will be emailed the code, and can use it until December 15th. I wouldn’t partner with a company I didn’t believe in, and this watch in value surpassed the cost.
Vicente loves this watch! He will be wearing it all of the time now he said. He loved the red logo and how much of a statement it makes. It can be worn casually and dressed up. He loved how rare wooden watches are too. If you want a unique gift for someone, this is for you!
#jord #jordwatch #jordhyde #woodwatch
I just know that the “him” in your life will love it! Hope you have an amazing long weekend!

Thanksgiving in AZ

Happy Monday guys! Hope your weekend was amazing! We had an amazing relaxed weekend, mostly spent at home or doing errands which was much needed after our Vegas trip. Today doesn’t feel as bad as most Mondays do, probably because it’s a short week! I love short weeks! We are so excited to go see my husband’s family on Weds! We will be in Tucson for 2 nights which will be so fun! Our best friend is coming to town next weekend too, so we couldn’t be happier! What are your travel plans? I love how on Thanksgiving people go to so many different places.

I always get really excited for Thanksgiving food, but also for the outfit! I always spend a lot of time trying to pick out the perfect one. This year I decided to have YOU GUYS vote on which outfit you like best.

Here’s the deal, I have a favorite, but I’m not telling what it is.. yet. 🙂

The first outfit is very classic Thanksgiving to me. It kind of screams, “Were you at the first Thanksgiving?”





The bell sleeve dresses are so in right now. I definitely love the structure and fit of the dress. It is by the brand DO & BE. I could not find this exact dress but these dresses are everywhere.

My over the knee boots are by the brand Call it Spring and can be found HERE.

My necklace was a gift from my mom, and it is from Banana Republic. It is from last year’s collection, so I could not find it. Here is a similar one though.




This next one is for all the non-Arizonans that actually have a need for a turtleneck. This faux- leather skirt from H&M is amazing! You can find it HERE. It’s under $30 and so so cute. The body suit is from H&M, but from an older collection as well. Any long sleeve turtleneck would look amazing with this skirt. This one has a really pretty neckline as well. It’s a crisscross design which I loved.

The heeled over the knee boots are from Calvin Klein, but there are so many out there right now I know you can probably find so easily. This was my husband’s favorite look so far.




This last one is a classic look. This BB Dakota dress is everything. I love how versatile and classy it is. Fit & Flare has always been my one of favorite styles of dresses. It looks so flattering on, especially on taller girls I’ve noticed.

My over the knee boots are by Catherine Malandrino and you can find them HERE. I do love them, but they have a tendency to not wanna stay up.

The lace detail and the cut outs are so beautiful!

Sooooo… what do you think? Please help me decide! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂

I hope this gave you some inspiration of your own.

Thanks for you comments and continued support. ❤ I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving filled with love and family!




A very happy Trader Joe’s Vegan Thanksgiving..

Hi friends! How is your week going?? Mine seemed to go by so slow! We’re so busy at work I don’t have a minute to breathe (insurance life). SO with that being said, I am so so happy tomorrow is Friday! And with next week being such a short week, some good days and times are ahead! We are headed to Tucson to see my in-laws next Weds and I can’t wait to see them and cook some amazing vegan food.

I wanted to try a few things from Trader Joe’s for you guys, so you don’t have to waste your time or money wondering how they’ll turn out. 🙂 We had heard so many amazing things about the Turkeyless- Turkey, so we couldn’t wait to try it!


Here it is ❤ OH MY. Cruelty Free Heaven!


Here is the stuffing too… All I can say is WOW! Insanely good and only 40 calories per serving!


Here is my final photo, plated. Honestly, dying over these 2 things. I am so impressed. Way more than I thought I would be. My tip to you would be to cook the Turkey-Less turkey for one hour at least. I have heard it is not completely done at the recommended 45 minute time. I also baked mine uncovered and it was PERFECT! 🙂

Here are my scores:

Turkey-Less Turkey: 8.5/10

Stuffing 8/10

My husband’s scores:

Turkey-Less Turkey: 8/10

Stuffing: 8/10

I have no doubt in my mind you  (and your family) will love both of these as much as we did. So LITERALLY go run out and grab these from your local Trader Joe’s. The Turkey-less Turkey is hard to find so I recommend calling around before you go! They will hold one for you!

PS: I have some really fun posts coming your way soon! ❤



Why you need to stay at The Wynn…

Any hotel that has vegan options at every restaurant and bar can just have all of my money. I don’t know if most of you know this, but V and I started dating at The Wynn. V asked me to be his girlfriend there, so I swoon every time we walk in.  Steve Wynn knows what he’s doing. Every square inch of the hotel is covered in magic and decorated to perfection. It is the place to see and be SEEN. We are Wynn insiders and are tempted to go every weekend. Sign up: HERE! You’ll get all of the best deals sent to your email monthly.

Saturday during the day we decided to spoil ourselves. We booked online and got a killer deal! When we arrived around 4 we checked in hoping for a nice strip facing room. We thought about upgrading, but at check in the man who helped us let us know he could get us a middle of the resort room on a corner called a panoramic suite.. We took it!





We were so happy we did. I mean look at this room. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this room.

We got settled in and got ready for a “plan-less” night. We used to be those people who planned out their trips and vacations. Not anymore! Do you know how freeing it is to just go and decide later?


After getting ready we enjoyed some champagne and music together while reminiscing on how far we’ve come since we started dating.


After we enjoyed some champagne we headed downstairs to the casino. It is already decorated for Christmas!


I AM so freaking excited to share this dress with you guys because I’ve been dying to wear it. This dress from Lovers & Friends might be my favorite LBD I’ve ever owned. It is so so flattering too!

It is however from last year’s Revolve collection, but I do see some on Poshmark for sale priced low. It is called the Eternal Dress for Revolve. 🙂


My purse..  I’m obsessed wth is too! I got a few compliments that night as well. It was my first time wearing it and I’m hooked. Best part about it is, it’s under $50, vegan, and comes in 5 colors. 🙂 It reminds me of Stella McCartney who I love so much as well Find it HERE.

Side note: Look at that photobomber. ;p

These booties are my classic favorite/vegas friendly F21 Vegan Leather Cutout booties. Someone might have to bury me in these because I love them so much!


For dinner we decided to dine at Jardine and I am so so glad we did. All I can say is if you don’ t try this Vegan Pesto Brussel Sprout with Almond Ricotta pizza you will be depriving yourself. It was HEAVEN. I am already craving it again.

After we ate, we headed to Parasol Up our favorite bar. We had a couple Tito’s and Espresso Martini’s and just people watched for hours. For the first time in 9 years, I didn’t wanna go to a club. I just wanted to people watch and enjoy my husband. #gettingold

If you are thinking of staying here.. do it, do it NOW. Go plan your vegas trip, and go stay at The Wynn, #vegasstrong

Talk to you real soon!



First Impression – Angela Roi Cher Tote

Hi guys! Hope your weekend was great! I am so thankful to have had a really productive and relaxing weekend. We cleaned, organized, slept in, got some new decor, and enjoyed some good wine. What else could you ask for? Today on the other hand was the most Mondayest Monday ever at work…. But the highlight of the day was staring down at my new purse and realizing I get to share her with all of you today.

I am SO in love with this bag you guys! Here she is,  my new Angela Roi Cher Tote:


This beautiful baby is #VEGAN and has the look and quality of any high-end bag I’ve ever owned. The hardware is so eloquent. The bag is so SO stunning in person. This also just happens to be my favorite color for winter/fall. As soon as I saw this bag on instagram I knew I had to have it. I ordered it on Tuesday and got it Saturday. That’s pretty fast for a designer bag!


First of all, it’s professional and timeless. The look and feel are so luxurious and goes with any outfit. My favorite way to wear it has been with the strap. It’s truly so stunning over the shoulder.


The strap ends and sits right at my hips which is usually hard with me being 5’9.


I mean this bag is such a statement piece. I’ve only worn it out one day (Sunday) and already got compliments… (Check out that color and design!!)  She has gold ‘feet’ on the bottom as well which I love.


My first impression of this bag is 10/10. No drawbacks and no complaints. I will do a full review on this bag once I’ve worn it consistently. What I love most is how it matches everything too. Black, brown, grey.. whatever the color it just works. It has two side compartments and one zip up closure in the middle.

The link to this beautiful purse is HERE ❤.

I love the mission of the company as well. These bags were made and shipped from Broolyn, NY. Did I also mention, Angela Roi believes in animal rights and supports the vegan lifestyle? They give back proceeds to humane shelters. ❤

“Our mission is to help build a fashion industry which is kind and compassionate towards animals. For this initiative, we have pledged to donate to local humane shelters and help mistreated or injured animals in dire need of help.” -Angela Roi

Cows are skinned alive for leather handbags. It’s something  even I was in denial about for years. I had designer bags Tory’s, Louis, and Gucci, to name a few, and I am so upset I did looking back. I will never own another leather bag again. Please think about the cows this next time you are shopping for a new purse, buy conciously. Buy Angela Roi!

IMG_6716 (1)

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with gratitude and love!


finally feelin’ fall-ish

Hi guys! Thank you for coming to check out this fun #OOTD. 🙂 V & I went to Prescott this weekend to visit our best man, and V’s best friend, Zack and his wife and daughter.  We had so much fun! We enjoyed getting out of the craziness of Phoenix. We had an amazing  time catching up with them in their beautiful home.

On Friday we decided on a whim to just go for it. We were planning on going only one night but decided what the heck and went. We had a fun night tasting different liquor types from Zacks’s collection. 🙂 We also played the game What The Meme and if you haven’t played, you need it!!! (all of your holiday parties have to include this GAME)

The next day we went to brunch at The Raven and it was pretty yummy. They have Jackfruit Tacos, which is always a hit for us. We also had their sweet potato fries.. and YUM! I tried the blueberry spaceship cider and OMG heaven.

After that we stopped by Granite Mountain Brewery & Prescott Brewing Company for fun too. Granite Mountain was my favorite. They had a fun patio which we enjoyed. We played some games and enjoyed the weather. I had more of the blueberry spaceship cider and I’m now obsessed with it! I found it at Whole Foods already, and I’m so happy to have found a new favorite.




After the breweries we came home and got ready for our night. 🙂


This photo was taken in Zack & Cassie’s backyard. Amazing right?

This outfit was super unplanned. When we decided to leave on Friday we just through random stuff in our suitcases and went. This top & scarf are both from Zara. The jeans are the Topshop Moto Ripped Jamie’s (my favorite ripped ones). The vegan booties are from F21. 🙂

Of course my handsome doggy made it in the photo too. His name is Maximus if you didn’t know, and he is also vegan. ❤

We had so much fun on our night out. We had an early dinner at The Barley Hound. They have a yummy vegan burger and also some yummy fries. We also had an amazing cabernet called James and we loved it.

We tried Bin239 after and loved that as well. Our last stop was at The Point. So so fun. The next day we were able to go to a park and really enjoy the trees. Once again, this outfit was random but I really liked it.


My cropped sweater is hinge, the scarf is hinge, and these are my high waisted tall black Leigh Topshop jeans. I really liked how it came together, and how beautiful are the trees?

I hope you get a chance to get away this fall to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors!

Have a great rest of your week!


Where are you fall?

Hi Guys! I hope you are having a great weekend! We are trying to relax as much as possible after I experienced some major dehydration following a little stomach bug. We’ve been hydrating and resting. 🙂 Can’t say I hate it though, it’s good to be home with my boys. Yesterday we went out to Dreamy Draw where we took some amazing photos with our friend Lindsay recently. I really wanted to try on some fun fall outfits after coming back from humid and hot Mexico. 🙂

My favorite look right now is a skirt, booties and a girly and flowy top.


My faux leather H&M skirt is one I’ve had for a year but haven’t worn often enough. I am obsessed here are a couple similar ones:


Macy’s (on sale under $40)


We don’t really need the jacket right now but a leather jacket with this would just make the outfit complete for a chillier day/night.


My faux leather jacket is from ABS and I couldn’t find it online but here are similar:

LOVE this one from Charlotte Russe! (so cheap under $30 right now)

Target – TARGET IS THE $HIT, am I right? 🙂


My booties I’m in love with and have had for a few years. They are faux leather cut out boots by Forever21 I scored off of Poshmark.

Here are a couple similar pairs:

Obsessed with these Love Culture booties



My Señorita bodysuit is from the brand Lovers & Friends and you can purchase it here:

So so obsessed with it! It goes with everything!


My watch is Vegan leather and is from Target. I mean is there any store better than Target?

Under $20 and Amazing!

I hope you enjoyed this OOTD, I love styling outfits for you guys!

Have a wonderful Sunday and cheers to a great week ahead!




Travel Diary: Mar Adentro Los Cabos

Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well! Last night we got home from Cabo and I have to tell you I’m all over the place. After living somewhere else for a week, coming home can be quite confusing. HA! When we woke up this morning, I thought I was still on vacay. We had such an amazing time on our trip. I cannot wait to share more pictures and stories with you guys.

Today, I am highlighting my birthday at Hotel Mar Adentro. Last Thursday on my birthday, we woke up super early and headed out to Cabo! We were picked up by Cabo Transfers, (highly recommend as they had drinks waiting for us) and taken into San Jose Del Cabo. We arrived at Mar Adentro and were stunned right away of it’s beauty.  It is a piece of modern art and it not to be missed. Mar Adentro was designed by Architect Miguel Angel Aragones. Bright lights change at night, while in the day it’s all white and only water and sea to be seen.


This quote in the lobby really stood out to me. I am one to always get lost in quotes and writing so this wall definitely stole my heart.


This is taken from the sitting are you can wait in before checking in. The views speak for themselves. The water is tranquil and gives you a sense of calm right away. It welcomes you with it’s beauty and invites you to stay awhile. 🙂


Directly below on both sides, sits Origen, a restaurant that prides itself in having many different foods in one while still maintaining the Mexican cuisine.


The view from here is quite magical. Every seat in the restaurant is unique and desirable.


Both sides of the restaurant show stunning views of Nido, the stunning bodies of water on property, and the ocean. I mean can you say WOW?! It took my breathe away.


This pod is Nido. A stunning restaurant serving breakfast and lunch. We had the pleasure of dining for breakfast and they went out of their way to find vegan options for us.


Not only is this restaurant the most “instagramworthy” place I’ve ever been to, but they’ve got the food to back it up! All organic, and one of a kind.


We started with their organic green juice of the day and it was so refreshing!


Our first course was an apple and almond milk muesli. It normally comes with yogurt, but ours was made into more of a cereal and we really enjoyed it.


For the main course we had a black bean toast with pico de gallo.  OMG, so yummy! On the side they gave us some potatoes and a tomato sauce. This was HEAVEN.


Next we have to talk about the pool. The pool was also tricky to point out when checking in. There are so many amazing water baths we’ll call them, it was hard to find at first glance! 🙂 The pool is situated behind Nido. See it? 🙂


I would like to point out the humidity in Cabo is crazy right now (explains the cray cray pony). 🙂 There are many different chairs surrounding the infinity styled pool, and we loved how we could just hop into the water behind our chairs. The pool chairs also had views of the ocean.


We had a couple different margaritas but this one ^ was by far my favorite.  This was the rosemary and basil infused margarita and it was TO DIE FOR. I will be craving these guys  for a while.

IMG_4306We also enjoyed our favorite thing in the world: chips and guac. MMMMMMMMM. 🙂


This photo is not mine, this is the hotels but this exactly what our room was like. We got too excited to take a photo of ours… ahhh we forgot. Ops. 🙂

We spent a lot of time on our patio just in aw over the views.


This was my favorite photo from the trip. ❤

As for dinner, we did not eat at the hotel for dinner, but we did experience a very kind gesture when the concierge staff sent us champagne for my birthday.

We also enjoyed a sunset on the rooftop but were also too in the moment for my camera. If you saw my instagram story (seeknvegan) then you might remember. It was amazing!


*This floral romper is by the brand NBD and was purchased at Nordstrom Rack. I can’t find any available online, but you may be able to find one at yours locally. 🙂

Although our time here was short, it was very memorable. The only downside my husband will tell you is that the AC wasn’t powerful enough. I however am always cold, so that did not apply to me. 🙂

I highly suggest staying here if you’re looking to escape the craziness of Cabo San Lucas. It was stunning, serene, and magical. You can find competitive rates on this hotel through many different travel sites. We snagged our rate for under $300, while the hotel currently lists the room at $500 a night. 🙂

I can’t wait to share more memories and photos from our trip very soon!








4 Week Challenge

Hi Guys!! I hope you’re having a great weekend! I AM SO HAPPY IT’S SUNDAY and it’s the last day of our 4 week cleanse. Which was a huge success. My mind is BLOWN.

Just to give you an idea of my “workout history” if you will, V and I consistently work out 4-6 days a week depending on what is going on. We always eat healthy, but we occasionally have cheat weekends to balance out. (yes, weekends :p)

What a normal week before would look like as far as meals go:

6:00 -Vegan Protein Shake

8:00-Avocado Toast Rice Cake

11:00- Lunch- (Varies but mostly some kind of protein, greens, fat, and carbs)

2:00-Protein Bar or Apple & Almond Butter

4:00-Workout & Protein Shake After

6:30- Dinner (some kind of casserole/tacos/creation)

Which is very healthy but on the weekends enjoy ice cream,  pizza, brunch, chips and salsa, and some adult beverages.  🙂

But because our vacation was a month out we decided to try something different. 🙂 A 30 day no processed food and no added sugar.

Our last month of foods update:

6:00 AM – Tofu w/Avocado

8:00 AM- Vegan Yogurt (sugar free/unsweetened ) with Stevia and Pumpkin Spices. (YUM) and a Kombucha Tea.

11:00 AM- Lunch – Veggie Soup or Healthy Budha Bowls (greens, grains, protein and a tahini sauce)

2:00 PM- Snack- Celery or Carrots with 2 tbsp Hummus. (oil free for me) or An Apple with  homemade Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter

4:00 PM-Workout & Raw Protein Shake

6:30 PM-  Dinner (Raw Tacos, Buddha Bowls, Protein Pasta, Zucchini Boats, Sweet Potato Boats and a ton of other plant based foods).

The major differences we had over the weekend was that instead of a cheat weekend, we would workout and eat really clean on the weekends too. We also had only a few cheat meals throughout the week and still did not have a lot of sugar.

This diet above was completely unprocessed (only the cheat meals had little processing).

At the 2 week mark, I was feeling incredible but then got sick. 😦 I remained eating clean and I truly believe because of how healthy we were eating my sickness only lasted a couple of days which was amazing!

One major difference from the change was that we both have also had an increase in energy! It’s CRAZY how pumped and ready for work and the gym I am. (without coffee) I don’t get that 2:00 lag in the day, and I am focusing so well at work.

This no processed, low sugar diet, has been a blessing. So much so, that we’re continuing it on as long as we can. Still allowing cheat meals, but will not longer have cheat weekends unless it’s a holiday or a vacation (which we’re going on in 4 days).

The photos don’t lie!! The proof is in the photos you’ll see below. Day one starts with the Blue Pants, Black Bra and Blue Shoes. Week 2 was the pink bra and black shorts. Week 3 is with the grey top and black pants. And then the last week is the photo of me in blue pants and black shoes. That is from today- 4 weeks later!!!! I have never been more fit in my life. My abs are insanely defined. I am shocked myself to see them like this!

The work outs I have been doing haven’t changed all that much, but I have been doing a lot more HIIT training because of my increase in energy. As for cardio I’ve been using only the row machine and it is a GAME CHANGER. I cannot stress how much I love that machine now.

I also started a burpee challenge staring out with only being able to do 3 sets of 10 on week one. As of right now I have worked up to 3 sets of 50 with ease during each work out.  🙂

I was a huge skeptic starting this, it was for experimental reasons, but now we’re forever changed! I wish I took my husband’s before and afters because he is also in insane shape as well!

We both feel so confident heading to Cabo now and feel like it was completely worth it.  If you have any questions on this please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Yes, vegans are STRONG, NOT PROTEIN DEFICIENT, and can build abs like these:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Heroes and Heartache

Hi Guys! This week I intended on posting a few times, but my heart was hurting too bad to post. As most of you know, Las Vegas would be what I call “my hometown”. And my hometown experienced tragedy. Although I wasn’t there, if you have watched even one of the many videos out there, you will never be the same either. I wish people would stop posting these graphic videos, especially out of respect for the victims.

Also, I am a very empathic person. When I speak to someone, I feel their raw emotions. I feel their pain. And I am right there with them in whatever is happening. After watching several of these videos Monday, the next couple days were hard. I tried to not think about it, but every time I went on Facebook a new video had been posted. The news was nonstop as well.

Putting all of our opinions aside, we need to be supporting and empowering the survivors. I truly believe I am changed after this event, and I wasn’t even there. The biggest wake up call for me was that every small little thing in day to day life, doesn’t even matter to me anymore. My “problems”.. (HA) are nothing. And we really can learn a lot from this. We need to live our lives for those who can’t. Do everything to the fullest, for them.

Remembering and honoring the victims who died has also been something high on my list. I even have mutual friends with a few people who have passed or are injured, and it really inspired me to have this new outlook. Suddenly life has become so much more precious. In all of this pain, came realization, and I’m thinking other people have also had this realization as well.

LIFE IS UNEXPECTED, PRECIOUS, AND BEAUTIFUL. I felt the need to post about this because I am really moved by the stories of the heroes who went back into this battlefield and saved others. The togetherness that this brought to the Las Vegas community, is extremely inspiring. I am proud to see my city pushing through together as a family.

A lot of times we get caught in the day to day, and don’t ever stop and take a moment to breathe and appreciate and love others. This week especially, I have been smiling and talking to every person I meet, because you never know how long you have on this earth. Why not make this world a better place? You have that power! Wake up with gratitude, spend your day appreciating. There is always something to be thankful for! The more you think of these things, the more you realize how blessed you really are.

And to my friends that were there, I am sending you the world’s biggest hug and I’m here for you if you need anything.  ❤

I love you all so much!


Shyness is my super power ✨

Hi everyone! I’m currently writing this from my couch. I wish I could say I was feeling great, but I’m currently battling a stomach bug and sore throat cold thing..  Not one, but both!  Double whammy.. but you know what, I’m still smiling. I got to hang out with my puppy and had lunch with my hubby. Not bad! The best thing about being vegan is, we rarely get sick, and when we do it only lasts one day. Also, being sick always makes me appreciate feeling healthy so much more! And also tomorrow is Friday! 😁 So it’s all good.

Do you guys think is too early to start decorating for fall? Uh.. Because I just decorated our bar cart in all fall decor and I’m dying over it! I love fall so much! Ahhh. I’m so happy it’s here! October is my favorite month of the year. 🤗

On a serious note, I wanna talk about what I used to think was a flaw, but has now become my super power. I grew up very shy, very reserved, and VERY introverted. I moved a lot as a child, so making friends was hard. I’d get close to someone, and then we’d move again. I was always quiet too, so that didn’t help.

One thing I want you to know is that if I don’t talk to you, it’s never you. The way I try to cover it up is by smiling. Please don’t think I am not interested in you, I am, I just am not that best at showing it. I used to see this as a HUGE flaw, but now I know it truly was my super power!


If you’re like me, I want you to be proud of this trait. Being shy and introverted has many benefits. For one, we are amazing listeners. Do you ever realize how much we listen? We remember things and we really focus on the conversation. I feel great knowing my friends and family always come to me for advice. I think it’s because I always listen. If you’re talking to me, I will always listen more than speak.

The second benefit is that we are comfortable being alone. We like ourselves and are our own biggest supporters and best friend. Some people constantly need others around, I don’t feel that way.  😁 I’m satisfied with a good book, tea, and a yummy candle.

I am approaching my 28th year in life, and I feel like I have grown so much in the last year or so. Once you start learning about yourself, accepting yourself, and loving your flaws, you become infinitely happy!


What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to change about yourself? You got it in your mind? Here’s what I want you to do, start LOVING it. Loving the “flaw” and turning it into your superpower will change you. After that you’ll start loving the flaws in others, and then you’ll really start living. 😊

PS: These photos were taken at my favorite place in Z world, Sedona. ❤️

Hope your weekend brings you lots of joy and gratitude.



Hi friends! Hope everyone is having an amazing week. Mine has been JUST okay, and that’s okay to say. We now live in a society where it seems to be frowned upon to share that you’re not having a great week. Works crazy, still trying to finish decorating our place, and I’m trying to figure out some major life decisions! So yeah one could say things are very hectic!

Emotions are real, and it’s better to embrace them for what they are and to be true to yourself.  I may have also started reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F$ck and it’s working! 🙂

Can we just go back to last weekend? It was really cleansing! We went up to Sedona for the day, and it brought me so much happiness. (Blog post coming soon!)

2 weeks ago we decided to try a 4 week no sugar (only fruit) and no processed food challenge, and so far so good. I have only been eating raw veggies for snacks with hummus or fruit and nuts. Our main meals have been so healthy and yummy.  We’ve been making a raw sushi recipe that is sooo good and we feel so great as far as energy goes too! I’m pleasantly surprised and we are gonna try to keep this going as long as we can! We are going to Cabo for a week in 3 weeks so that might be a little hard but we are gonna try our best!

So on Tuesday night we made tacos, and I have been getting a few requests for this recipe, so here you go! ❤

Walnut & Cauliflower Tacos

Here’s what you’ll need for this yummy recipe:

  • 1/2 a head cauliflower chopped
  • 2 cups raw walnuts
  • 6 corn tortillas
  • 1 cup chopped spinach
  • 1 avocado sliced
  • red enchilada sauce
  • 1 lime
  • salsa of your choosing



  1. Preheat your oven to 400 and prepare a greased pan.
  2. In a food processor combine your cauliflower, walnuts, enchilada sauce, and juice from one lime. (See photo below for the consistency before baking!)
  3. Place your walnut “meat” on a baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes.
  4. Take out your walnut “meat” and prepare your tacos.
  5. Assemble tacos as you please. 🙂 I put the cauliflower in, then the enchilada sauce, spinach, and then top with avocado and vegan chipolte mayo (and a little siracha)!
  6. Enjoy! 🙂

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset Does anybody else feel really cool when using their food processor? I love mine! It’s like I’m making magic. 🙂

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

And these beauties right here should be your result! I have definitely realized that Tacos are the second love of my life.

Please comment and let me know if you try these! They are a guaranteed hit!

PS: Recently I’ve gotten a lot of questions about where I find my recipes. I like to tweak recipes I find on Pinterest for the things we like and mostly oil free. ❤

I hope you have a great rest of your week!


Voldstead Public House

Happy Monday! (ugh) HAHA. That was hard to type. 🙂 Hope you had an amazing weekend. Vicente and I didn’t do a whole lot because I was sick (LAMEEEEEE). Friday night though we had a photo shoot that I refused to miss with an amazing human. 🙂 Can’t wait to share those with you soon. On Saturday we didn’t do a lot either. We are in the “nesting” phase if you will with our new place, so we’re trying to make it as perfect as possible. We’ve been doing a lot of chalk painting and turning some amazing pieces into our color scheme of either grey or tan. I’m loving everything so far!


To force ourselves out of the house on Saturday we went to brunch in Mesa at a little vegan coffee shop/cafe called Volstead Public House in Mesa. I’m so glad we did because it was amazing. I love the lighting and the vibes here. There’s a lot of prohibition posters everywhere , and I felt very at home with all of the seating. The staff is wonderful too. They were all so kind to help with questions.


Can we talk about the menu and decor? I love it! The vibes are so cool!


This red velvet couch and brick wall are everything!!!!


^ Brunch Menu Goals 🙂


We ended up ordering the Spinach & “Ham” Mac N Cheez (my guilty sick food pleasure) and the Chick’n and Waffles. They were both amazing. The Mac & Cheese was heaven. It felt good eating a version that was cruelty free and non suffering. There were tiny pieces of vegan ham in it as well, which was to die for. The Waffles were the perfect size and treat for my hubby (I did steal a few bites). They were outstanding.


I have been following them on instagram for a while and noticed they had CRONUTS that day! OMG!!! So obviously, we had to get one. We tried the salted caramel and I CANNOT EVEN EXPLAIN the pure perfection of this. The consistency of a croissant and the taste of a donut.. OUT OF THIS WORLD. We were amazed!



(Can I just mention #HusbandGoals for being ready for me to capture this moment and being patient with me to document HAHA..) IMG_3328

You guys have to check out this place! V and I give it a 5/5 stars and we definitely recommend it. We (mostly our stomachs) can’t wait to come back to try more of their yummy food. They are located in Mesa at 105 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201.

Follow them on IG too. They have great posts and share everything that’s going on with them. ❤

Hope your Monday is as amazing as a salted caramel cronut. See your real soon!


Goodbye Summer

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re having an amazing day! I love how the holiday gave us a short work week. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.. Raise your hand if you got wild last weekend… (I did) ops! It was SUPER fun though (minus the Tuesday hangover), but now I remember why I don’t drink a lot anymore. The reasoning behind it was my best friend moving away from me. (I am taking new bff applications.) JK 😉


This week’s #OOTD post was really fun to do. It also brought me an unexpected life lesson along the way. V and I spent some time trying to find the perfect wall last weekend in downtown phoenix … We finally spotted one and parked. As soon as we got to the beautiful wall, the sun had passed. (We use natural light)… AGH! And just like that what do you do? Luckily across the street there was a pink wall that had light! Hallelujah! But it taught me a life lesson. Just when you think you found the only wall that would work, another one pops up right before your eyes. I learned that there are always alternatives in life to the things you think HAVE to happen.. This also kind of has me thinking about other things that are happening in my life. I’m getting pretty vulnerable here..  so BEWARE! 🙂

Babies… I always thought by now V and I would have them. I had a timeline in my mind. ” By 26, I want to have one maybe two kids”! That’s what I always told myself and others. Then 27 came and pretty soon 28 will be here.. Still no babies. Is that okay? F YES!  IT’S OKAY! Just because you have an idea in your head about how things will go, doesn’t mean it’s right.

Now that I am turning 28 next month, I have realized life is too short to be unhappy about things you can’t change. I know our baby will come at the right time. I’m not rushing anymore. There’s still so many adventures I will need to grow from before, I just know it.


Let’s get into this outfit! This is kind of out of my comfort zone which really makes this post even more exciting! This Free People jean suspender dress is EVERYTHING! I also love the neck scarf trend, all year long. And who could miss this Lush top, with it’s dramatic puffy sleeves. These tops are everywhere right now (so trendy).

IMG_1101 (1)


My Free People XX Mini Dress Denim Jumper is no longer available although I have seen some are on poshmark.  Similar: HERE.

As far as the top goes, any white top looks amazing. I snagged this white one from Nordstrom in the spring. 🙂

And my signature neck tie is from forever 21 and you can find a similar one: HERE.

Last but not least, my favorite vegan booties: HERE.

One last thing, remember to always enjoy this journey we call life! I want to share one of my favorite Hemingway quotes that coincides with this post:  “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your weekend brings fun and rest. I’ll see you really soon!


Mountain Shadows Resort Staycation

Last weekend was a dream! So amazing that I begged my husband to take us back again this weekend. 😉 But seriously, I would go back in a heart beat. I’ve had my eye on this place for a while, but the right weekend never came up until now. We had some celebrating to do! My husband and I became boyfriend and girlfriend while staycationing at The Wynn back in August 2009, so it’s kind of our thing. Staycations have brought us together for years. This one however, was very special to us. We were also celebrating my husband’s career wins. He made his career’s biggest sale! I’m so proud of him. I got so lucky marrying him. Marry someone who adores you, but also loves their job and hustles non-stop to become the best husband and provider for your family/future. Maximus also got to stay at daycare! So all of the Cantua clan staycationed.


When we arrived Saturday we were greeted by some extremely friendly people. They truly went above and beyond for us. They really know how to make you feel special. Upon checking in, we were given 2 drink tickets and a room upgrade. 🙂 Nice touches! We were on the 3rd floor facing the pool! Although there is some construction going on, the view is incredible. I have to admit I’m obsessed with Camelback views. Mostly because we got married at El Chorro (down the street), and the view was the exact same as our wedding day. It always brings me back!


Our bellman Clint (who rocked), told us all about our room and the resort. While he got us ice, we discovered a BAR CART! Yep! Amazing! I’ve never seen one in a hotel room, have YOU?! It really got my attention and brought on the uniqueness factor of the resort. We decided on a margarita theme for the weekend (we love themed drinks), so we were happy to find the cart and bar accessories. We were blown away by the hospitality and vibe of the hotel. I got serious Old Hollywood and Palm Springs vibes. Which by the way, Palm Springs is my heaven! The hotel was just so beautiful. The furniture was a mix between rustic hardware and classic mid century modern. I really loved it. The stickwood wall paper was another thing I was dying over. They also kept the ceiling industrial making it unchanged from the construction. All things I had never seen before, especially in AZ.




I mean look at that room design. #insane #goals #arehashtagsevencoolanymore


***Sorry ladies, this hot guy does not come with your room. :p

Oh, and this is not sponsered by Essentia, we just LOVE it!

So after setting up our bar cart, we made celebratory margaritas and got acquainted with our room. After our margarita, we were ready for some pool action! This pool did not disappoint! I brought my book, but only read a few pages because we wanted to go be social and make friends. Everyone at the pool was so friendly! After making our way around the pool talking to people, everyone turned out to be young professionals (mostly locals) getting away from the hustle and bustle of every day life to enjoy themselves for the weekend! And that we did.. so much fun! Joshua the pool server was awesome! We had a great time speaking with him. He seemed to be the only server and was killing it! We ordered a round of margaritas of course (which I highly recommend)! It was a perfect afternoon. To our delight, we made some new and very similar to us, friends!


At night we were treated to a tray of goodies! That was so kind of them to do that for us. So we had some champagne and got ready for our evening. We had gotten a lot of sun and weren’t in the mood for fancy downstairs (next time), so we headed to Totties down the street for some Vegan Pho! It was soooo perfect after a long day at the pool.


Did I mention the lighting in the hotel room is flawless?

(My romper I wore is from H&M and is on SALE now: HERE! )

After dinner, we made a “pit stop” to Bevvy in Old Town, or the circle of sin as we call it haha. We ended up seeing one of friends and enjoyed his company for a bit. Not too long after that, our long day was finally catching up to us, so we got in our Uber and got back our hotel.

When we got back we enjoyed our patio and talked for a while life and where we’ve come in 8 years. It was really good for us to reflect. I always tell V he got my “hot years”. We always laugh about it.. But I couldn’t imagine being with anybody else.

The next day we explored some of the hotel we missed seeing when we arrived. Every part of the hotel is stunning! We were sad to leave, but can’t wait to come back! We want all of you to go stay there now and enjoy this beautiful hotel! You’ll love it like we did. The local rates are unbeatable, so please go take a look at their website HERE!


This flirty and fun floral dress is one of my top 5 from the summer by the brand ASTR. You can get it on Revolve HERE on sale now!!

Thanks for catching up with me! Hope the rest of your week flies on by! ❤


Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos #tacotuesday

Hi friends! Hope you had a fun weekend. I can’t wait to share more of mine with you later this week. 🙂 But first things first, TACOS! Yes, tacos! My favorite meal. I loveeeee veganizing tacos. This week’s taco recipe is INSANE! Buffalo cauliflower tacos!!! Yummmm. Cauliflower is all the rage right now in foodie world. Cauliflower pizza crust, cauliflower rice, cauliflower everything! But cauliflower tacos? Yes! This must happen…


Enough… let’s get right into the recipe. Here’s what you’ll need for this heaven of a taco:

  • 1 head cauliflower cut in bite sized pieces
  • 3 tablespoons avocado oil
  • 1 cup buffalo sauce separated
  • 1 tsp. garlic powder
  • 1 tsp. onion salt (from Trader Joe’s)
  • 8 corn tortillas
  • 1 head romaine lettuce
  • 2 avocados sliced
  • 1/2 cup chopped green onion
  • 1/2 cup chopped cilantro
  • vegan sour cream or ranch


  1. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees and prepare a greased baking sheet.
  2. In a mixing bowl combine your avocado oil, cauliflower and spices.
  3. Then add in 1/4 cup of your buffalo sauce.
  4. Combine everything as best as you can.
  5. Place your marinated cauliflower on a baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes, flip, and then another 15 minutes.
  6. Heat up the remaining buffalo sauce on low/medium during this time.
  7. Take out your Buffalo Cauliflower from the oven, and add it back into your mixing bowl.
  8. Put the rest of your buffalo sauce and stir well.
  9. Assemble tacos as you please. 🙂 I put the cauliflower in, then the avocado slices, and then the romaine.
  10. Drizzle with vegan ranch or sour cream. (I love the Daiya brand)
  11. Top with cilantro and green onions!
  12. Enjoy! 🙂

Here’s some BTS prep photos for you!. (Did I mention buffalo sauce is messy? Oh my! Not the prettiest I must add, but definitely shows the heat!)


Buffalo sauce prep ^


Can’t forget about toppings… AVOCADOS ARE LIFE!


And the final mix of heavenly cauliflower. (I may or may not have added a few squirts of sriracha)

I hope you try these! They are truly addicting..  My hubby scraped his plate and ate the leftover cauliflower. 🙂 He’s already asking for them again.

** PS: If you love crispier cauliflower, I’d recommend broiling the cauliflower on high, right after baking. 🙂

If you make these please comment and send photos! Ahhh, I can’t wait to tell you more about my weekend. You’ll have to come back in a couple days for that!


New Neighborhood Vibes

See… I said I would be back. Hope you had an amazing weekend! V and I did. We’ve been doing a TON of DIY’s and gathering decor for our new place. I can’t wait to share photos when we’re done. I couldn’t wait long to bring back the OOTD posts, because these are my favorite. ❤

This outfit was inspired by my new neighborhood and a desperate desire for some fall weather! Anyone else over summer yet? Holy moly! Bring on the flannels, boots, and scarves.

Can I just also say my new neighborhood gives me some serious retro vibes and inspiration? Can I also say how amazing my photag husband is?? These photos are my some of my favorite. Shout out to all the blogger husbands! I’m feeling really lucky mine supports me and my blog!

Lets get into the outfit:


First of all, can we talk about the wall?! I’m obsessed. One of my favorite parts about this new ‘hood of ours is the amazing art walls all over.

These high waisted pants though! Guys, I’m so obsessed. They are so flattering on the legs and can be worn so many different ways. I just got these and I can’t wait to bring them into fall and winter. I was so excited to pair them with this plaid flannel. Flannels are just the best.

With this outfit, I was trying to mix a bit of retro and girly. I was deifntely channeling my inner T Swift on this one. I feel like this outfit is totally her style. The block heel is my new favorite trend. Being 5’9, it’s REALLY hard to find a heel I will wear for one, and love. I find myself grabbing these shoes a lot lately to pair with jeans and dresses. They are so versatile, and make everything look great. They add a touch of class and are so comfy.

I am however sad to report my amazing sunnies, that I scored at Windsor, are no longer available (BOO)! They were my favorite steal of the summer at $8.99. They’re definitely insipired by Marc Jacob’s 51mm Gradient Lense Cat Eye Sunglasses, that I might have to splurge on for our Mexico vacay coming up real soon. (Swoon) I will for sure link them down below.


As for jewelry, who doesn’t love a good pair of Kendra Scott earrings? These “Danielle” earrings are my favorite of all time!


But seriously, is there anything my husband isn’t good at?


Here are the key pieces and kinks to today’s OOTD:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. Similar Flannel
  2. Top Shop High Waist Jeans
  3. Marc Jacobs Sunglasses
  4. Black Block Heels
  5. Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings

Please let me know what you think of this outfit! I hope I inspired you to mix some retro and girly… and also to try the high waisted pant trend!

I’ll be seeing you real soon! ❤️